Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!


My wife and I have probably played 15 scenarios and I retired 1 character while she hasn’t retired any.


I’m at the first real decision point, whether to go to the mine and get Jekserah the diamond or go to the warehouse with the Guard.

I’m thinking Mine, and then backstab her.

I’m appreciating the work that went into this more and more, but disliking a bit the fiddliness of keeping track of enemy health etc.

I can’t help but think there could have been a better way, perhaps building in a health counter into the stands themselves?


Some people use aftermarket stands for the standees that have room for a little d6. Personally I think the envelope method is pretty elegant.


We use d6s to keep track of monster health.


I agree, the envelopes are clever and work well.

@BloodyBattleBrain did you happen to see my dice solution (above)? I find using little red 6-sided dice to be vastly easier than managing with tokens. We use blue dice to track XP, as well, it works very well.

Just an unrelated FYI to everyone, if you spend $18 on 150 mini-card sleeves to sleeve all the attack decks for monsters and players, make sure you get mini-european and not mini-american. Turns out the mini-american size is just a little bit to fucking small. !:(


If you have the 2nd Edition for Gloomhaven, you have dials to track player character HP and XP, and there are no trackers on the character cards at all. Using dice on the monster sleeves isn’t a bad idea though!

And thirded on the cleverness of the sleeves. They serve an elegant dual purpose, and tracking HP lost on them is only a bit part of that. As an easy way to set a difficulty level, they’re lovely.


Yeah I’m on 2nd edition.

The enemy sleeves and cards work nicely.

I don’t have 10 sided dice at the moment.

I’m also going to have to buy a new table soon, as the current one is full if I am using 2 characters, and I’m very tempted to use 3 or 4.


This is what I’m using.


I have completed 8 scenarios, and I could force my Cragheart to be done in the next two (scenario based goals), and the Mindthief will likely be done in the next 3 scenarios (kill x enemy goal).

If i had wanted, I could have completed the Cragheart goal in about 5 scenarios total.


The fiddliness can be a pain, and also make it a bit prone to mistakes. I have used 3 apps now to help, and have settled on this one which is actually an application you install on your PC.

The UI is nice, it is easy to use, and it automates lots of the shuffling and thinking for you. Can’t recommend it enough:


I’m in awe. …


So today we played a scenario that advanced two separate plotlines, and went back to do Scenario 7 that we had left untouched for a long while. I think it is strange that one wasn’t blocked off by one we had done already.

Scenario 7 unlock Scenario 20, where the first plotline ends. We had unlocked it via Scenario 13 already. Wish we hadn’t now and taken one of the ones we can’t access now.

Our Angry Face retired after the second scenario and unlocked the Saw box. Seems like a neat class, and we’ll see how it works in practice later. We’re on Prosperity level 6 now, so new characters start with some stuff.

So far I am sort of happy with my Lightning character, but a tad underwhelmed. Probably because I lack some equipment.

Our Circles class also managed to finish the first part of his personal quest, so he will also retire after next session. I am really running behind on the retirements.


I am eager to unlock these guys. My understanding is someone has to retire first?

Playing this game makes me want to play pillars of eternity. Strange?


I forget and can’t remember where I think I read this…

We can swap out a character whenever we want without retiring one, right? (And still stay within the spirit of the game). Kind of put it on the back burner and play a different one just for variety or if we think another character class is better for a scenario?


Sure. You just don’t unlock anything that way. And also it’s kind of a pain to swap around the stuff if you wanted to go back and forth regularly.


Oh, so that character wouldn’t be part of the campaign? That is was I was wondering - if a character could be substituted during the campaign.


No, I mean if you’re just switching to a different character instead of retiring, you’re not getting the unlocks from retiring.


Ah, OK. I knew I wouldn’t get the credit for him retiring. Thanks!


I bought this set and am thrilled with it. $25 gets you sleeves for all the cards, and they fit perfectly.


Sigh. As this thread continues, the likelihood of me buying gloomhaven approaches 1.