Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!


My Brute has been bashing them hard.

I’m finding choke points are present on almost every map and having the brute at the choke point exit being constantly healed is how I’ve managed stuff.

Works well.


I’m on the fence about buying this game, but I find it interesting that in this thread everyone is talking about strategies, quests, characters and whatnot, while over at the Kingdom Death: Monster thread, it’s mostly about miniatures, and painting miniatures, and how badly the lion goes together. I’ll never drop 450 to build minis (without instructions!), but I’d pay 150 for Gloomhaven. Too bad it’s impossible to find it online at retail.


Next print run should be available in May!

I was thinking about Tom’s criticism, and found his comment about getting weaker to be inaccurate. Usually you start conservatively to save cards, which means you keep a high hand size, but you aren’t using any spectacular abilities.

However, as the end nears, you often know how many cards you will need to finish, so you start firing off your more powerful cards at the end to ensure quick destruction, or to earn xp, or whatever. It is a balance, but I often don’t feel weaker entring the final room than the first room.


Yeah I was worried about it too but I’ve only had one character get exhausted, once.

And I think I could have avoided it.


There are only two of us over there who have played it, and one of us is only ten years (turns) in and he’s avoiding spoilers because he’s kind of a big baby about that. So, yeah, not a lot of talk about strategies, quests, and characters beyond the stuff I’ve written. Sounds like triggercut is playing this weekend, though, so that’ll be three of us. You guys better watch out. We’re gonna overrun this board with Kingdom Death: Monster talk!



I’m just waiting to read about your first encounter with the King’s Man.

I think my first campaign ended about LY 10 or so.


Yeah, regardless of the respective merits of the games in question, one cost $64-80 in the original print run and then $100ish in the second KS run and even at MSRP is “only” 140,and the other is… a lot more than that. So obviously a lot less people are going to have Kingdom Death and be able to discuss the gameplay.


I wouldn’t mind being overrun with that talk. The game sounds like quite a bit of fun, I just don’t have the time or money for it - so I live vicariously through your posts.


KD:M was something that originally appealed a lot to me.

After some reviews and seeing the price tag it dropped off my radar forever. Still interested in hearing about it, but God knows I’ll never play the thing.


Some things I was doing wrong in Gloomhaven (that you may be doing, too, or may not because you’re smarter than us; my trip through the official online FAQ.)

  1. Unless a monster card specifically provides a monster action, the monster DOES NOT TAKE THAT ACTION. That’s right: unless a monster card says “Attack” on it, the monster doesn’t attack. Similarly, unless the monster card says “Movement”, the monster doesn’t move. As in, at all. Period.

  2. When the monster’s revealed card has a shield bonus present, the monster DOES NOT GET THAT BONUS until it is his turn in the initiative. In other words, if you see shield +1 for a standard bandit guard on his revealed attack card, but the initiative is 20 and everyone else is acting first, he doesn’t get that +1 shield until his initiative gives him the move. Obviously, for monsters that have a +1 (or higher) armor/shield bonus on their monster cards on the sleeve insert, that is a persistent, inherent bonus that is always present unless knocked down first.


That would have made all my fights much easier.

I’ve been doing it that they move their Base movement regardless. …


Yep, those are huge combat rules to miss for sure, I’m glad you discovered them. I can’t even imagine how hard the game would be if enemies moved/attacked every turn, or had their bonuses before their turn even started. Goodness.


Yeah that’s how I’ve been playing it…and managing but usually only just.

As in almost exhausted in every fight.

Using the proper rules makes it easier, which then should make going looting more viable, which means I’ll do that more. ☺


Yep, it definitely makes a difference against monsters whose attack is ranged, because it keeps them from moving back when you’re adjacent to prevent them from being disadvantaged. Or from moving INTO firing range also.


I am so thrilled to see I’m not the only one to have done this.

Meanwhile, this is pretty cool.


That is pretty cool.


On the final scenario for the Seeker of Xorn personal questline. Going to miss my Cragheart when it is all said and done, as he has turned into a beast in map control, what with the obstacles dropping and damage.

That is a really fun questline, by the way. All in, it is about 6 scenarios, and the final 3 all introduce new mechanics to the maps. Very enjoyable.

How does everyone feel about fighting the Oozes? I find them to be the most obnoxious enemy in the entire game. I understand the mechanics perfectly fine, but the spawning is just a huge PITA, and they offer almost no challenge unless you’re near to them. I would mind if they had a rework.


So I’ve been invited to play in a twice-weekly campaign of Gloomhaven…starting tomorrow. Does anyone have a recommended quick rules rundown for absolute beginners that can get me up to speed quickly?

Video or written is fine, as long as I can get through it by tomorrow night.


Actually, there is a handy link in the official manual to a pair of “how to play” videos, and those are the two I would most recommend.

Also, a link to the rules PDF.

Only about 30 minutes of video footage there, pretty easy to grasp.


Excellent, thank you…that looks like exactly what I needed. There are a LOT of videos about Gloomhaven on Youtube.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the manual, since I barely know the person who owns the game and is hosting this.