Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!


You guys saved me from looking up the page number :-)


Isn’t it 75 base cost for curse (x2 for multiple targets)? So worth it, though.


Two of us retired our characters (his Brute and my Tinkerer) last weekend so I’m ready to pick my next one. Instead of being stuck with opening up the new character on our completed goal, we house-ruled it to allow the choice of any new box to open. He went with the tribal mask box and I think I’m going with the lightning bolts one. Haven’t 100% made up my mind yet. Playing a support character for a dozen scenarios has me wanting to play a more active role though.


I am playing Lightning Bolts now. So fun, but requires some perks and potions.

Go for single target damage, enhance strenghten on the Move 3 Heal 1 card ASAP, and see if you can set up synergies to increase the damage of the Flurry of Axes loss on level 4.


Good to hear a positive opinion of it! I’d be starting at level 3 so I’ll get a couple perks right off the bat at least. Thanks for the tips.


Also remember that when you get a positive condition on your turn it lasts until the end of the next turn.


The enemies stop spawning when the back door is open. I posit that it is physically impossible to both win and get the chest if you end as soon as 20 are killed.


Ahh - sorry, i forgot the mechanics on the scenario. I think I only needed to kill 10, but I rushed the door to get the treasure and then cleared the side rooms to get the mission completed…


Don’t forget you also start with an extra perk for each time you retired a character, so if this was your first retirement and at prosperity level 3, you will start with 3 perks (2 for being level three plus one for retiring once).


I do remember reading that in the retirement section so will definitely use it when we’re getting ready next time. Thanks for the reminder!


Thank you, my bad. This just means it’s even less likely I’ll get to it… :(


So if I have, say, a bottom action that’s heal, and I enhance it with strengthen, then I can get advantage on my attacks both that turn (supposing I do the bottom action first, to get strengthen, and then take my top action to (presumably) attack), and the turn after? Hm…


If you want it, it never hurts to save towards it. There’s more gold out there in mission rewards and chests than you might think.

Mission reward spoiler:

Including one that gives everyone 100 gold to use for enhancements only.


This is correct!

Though, note it applies to enemies. If they Strengthen during their own turn, they get those benefits until the end of their next turn, for instance.


And negatives too right?


Yes, not sure why I put in that qualifier. It is easy to miss, but really important for classes that rely on strengthen and invisibility.


Note Poison nor Wounding go away unless you use a healing effect (and in the case of Poison, when you heal you remove poison but heal 0 points of damage).


Love rushing my Mindthief into a room, the dropping invisibility and a long rest - pop back out with a full deck!


Well, played my first session of this last night: me, my son, a friend, and a friend of a friend. We got through Part 1 of the Black Barrow…in about 4 hours (though, TBF, the first hour and a half or so was mainly going over the rules and taking a few long turns to get our feet under us).

It’s pretty fun…enjoy the deckbuilding and character-building aspects and all the decisions you have to make each turn…and then watching as your carefully planned turns are pretty much destroyed after initiative gets revealed. The silly disappearing loot mechanic is the only major bummer.

I guess we’re planning to make this a weekly session…though we’re considering moving the campaign onto Tabletop Simulator, since we’ve discovered a couple of very excellent and exhaustive mods are out now. Might as well leave it all those fiddly little pieces in the box and just play on a computer, which does all the setup and cleanup and saving of sessions for you.


There’s something wonderful about the tactile aspect of holding the cards, moving pieces on the board and doing maths on the spot, and that’s from someone whose only interest in maths is working out how much the government is stealing from me (sorry I mean taxes)

If I am going to play something similar on the computer I think I’d play a full on rpg like pillars of eternity, or play tower of time, which is basically - impressions from 2 hrs playtime - dungeon crawling with a persistent city. Like Gloomhaven then, with less interesting classes and races (so far.)