Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!


Yeah, I have been trying to find a balance between actually using the physical pieces and supplementing w digital. Space constraints have me offloading almost all of the Gloomhaven/Party tracking to a campaign app that tracks the store, events, city, scenarios, and characters. Then I’ve offloaded all the monster combat to an app. Leaving me with all the player combat and maps.

I wish I could do more physically, but if I did I would have to play less due to setup and tear down.

Had an unplanned retirement of my Mindthief last night in a scenario I won on my last turn. New character I rolled is a scoundrel, as I didn’t want to lose high initiative, high damage, high movement character to assist with looting.

The hand size concerns me, playing as 2P with a squishy partner, so I’m thinking of getting 2 stamina potions, which should give me enough extra turns to feel comfortable


Note that you can’t have two of the same item.
Item spoiler: There are multiple classes of stamina potion, though, if you’ve unlocked them, and you can have one of each.


Thanks for pointing this out to me… It never even occurred to me to check and see if I can have multiples of the same. I just assumed the limit was the class of item.


I don’t know about Tower of Time, but I’ll admit I’m not sold on Gloomhaven’s races. They just don’t seem to come up that much. (Granted, we’ve only played six or eight scenarios so far.) I’ve mapped Inox onto orc/ogre/troll, Vermling onto skaven, Savvas to elemental, and that’s about all I can name. There don’t seem to be to be any gameplay consequences to the races because every figure (player or monster) is basically a one-off type. Maybe if there were goals (personal, scenario, whatever) or abilities that referenced them…

Maybe it’s a more general issue for me where a CRPG (or even PnP RPG) just has more time for lore in general and all we get here is the snippet between scenarios and in events. And that’s what I’m used to.

The flip side of me being used to CRPGs is that I’m loving the tactile nature of it. Even though the setup can be quite tedious (sometimes we’ll get all the pieces together one night and play the next), I wouldn’t want to offload any of it to a computer.


Heh. And I’ve played through 4 scenarios, and in two of them there were pre-dungeon crawl events (city/road) that were fully race-dependent on how they played out, and in both those situations, it made plausible sense within the narrative of the game universe.


This is not true for either players or monsters. But you’re early in the game so you probably haven’t seen some of the others.


Fair enough. And I now that I think about it we got one of those, too, but I’m salty because I was the right race and took what I thought to be the “I’m gonna RP this one” choice and it was the wrong one.


Quite possible! One thing I was thinking of is that some of the monster types are of a “class” (e.g. guard, shaman) with the same cards but the races (bandit, inox, vermling) make them play a bit differently.

What I meant by “one-off” is that a vermling shaman is not a shaman with -1 hp and +1 shield, or an inox guard is not an inox with +1 hp and +1 retaliate like I’m used to from CRPGs–they just say here’s this monster (or player) and here are the stats. (Maybe if I looked at everything side-by-side I’d see that it actually is closer to that, though…)


I was all set to do the solo scenario for my mindthief and the post on Boardgame Geek says that before doing any of them your town should be at prosperity level 3 (which we are) and that you should have retired 2 characters (we did 1).

Anyone know the reasoning behind the latter criteria? It seems kind of arbitrary. I’m kind of excited to try one of these solo scenarios.


Apparently the One Shot folks are going to be doing a Gloomhaven actual play on their Twitch, hosted by the inimitable John Patrick Coen. I’m a fan of RPG actual play but as much as I love Gloomhaven, not as sure that it will make gripping viewing. I guess we’ll all find out.


Wait, what’s a solo scenario?



Man, scenario #15 just whipped my butt. Lost two times in a row before winning the third time… but only won on my very last card and I didn’t loot a single coin

I’m definitely struggling with the scoundrel’s handsize. My cthulu character and the scoundrel don’t mix as well as I expected… I’m struggling to earn money. I will surely push hard to get the scoundrel retired, and then I hope I can find some better top/bottom balance for cthulu in higher level cards.


And Gloomhaven pokes its way into the mainstream consciousness.


It doesn’t retail for 215. You would think people could figure out when prices are because of stock issues and scalping, and how to look up a manufacturer’s price.


Woah woah woah woah. We learned something tonight that changes everything.

We were under the impression that -every- scenario has a 12 round limit. One of our guys learned online that VERY few scenarios have a round limit at ALL.

So that means if ‘loot the chest’ is one of the goals you can fiddle fart around as long as you want working on personal goals and picking up loot as long as you do not run out of cards.

I don’t remember if the scenario we did last time had anything other than ‘kill the boss’ goal. But we did number 9 tonight and its goals were kill the boss and loot the chest, so we had tons of spare moves. My personal goal was to have less than 3 cards left at the end of the scenario. I burned cards by short resting every turn and actually got rid of all of mine making me go unconscious. My going unconscious won another player their scenario goal.

It almost felt like cheating. I wound up with 30 gold this round.


Wow, yeah, that’ll be quite a revelation! It also took us a little bit until we really got the hang of drawing out the end game to squeeze out all the xp and coin we could. (Though we have yet to play a scenario with the timer.)


Oddly, I have never had that impression!


It’s on the party card.


Retired my Lightning Bolts class, finished my personal quest pretty quickly and unlocked Two Minis.

Lightning Bolts was really fun. Two Minis seems really interesting and quite different. My new personal quest will take a while. The first scenario (#41) was not at all one where this class shines. Looking forward to getting into the rythm of the class, and I have some ideas for class synergy with the one of the other party members (Saw).

Feed Concentrated Rage with Medical Packs from Saw class.