Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!


As it’s sold out everywhere until the next printing, we’re looking at trying out the 10 scenario TableTop Simulator game over @ OO. Might be interested in a few more players (we have 3 currently), if anyone is interested.


If there’s room, I’d be in for this. If not, that’s fine too!


You guys need to get to Prosperity 7 so I can tell you about this GREAT plan I have to set up an INSANE turn with my Two-Minis.


Oh man, we’re so far away. One more tick to get to prosperity three. We’ve unlocked the sun class (from reputation) and hope to retire our first characters in the next couple missions.


Kind of unrelated: are there a lot of turn-based tactical co-op CRPGs? I can only think of Divinity: Original Sin.

Or some sort of online multiplayer front-end for PnP games such as these? (I have almost zero experience with tabletop RPGs.)


There are quite a number of turn-based tactical CRPGs. There are not very many coop CRPGs, and almost all of them are real-time.


Party-based roguelike-likes are pretty rare too, which Gloomhaven appears to be. [edit]


We finally retired our first characters–on the same mission, no less. Selling our items and enhancing a card or two was bittersweet… I’ll miss you, Miles Davis! We had really worked out quite a few great moves as a spellweaver/cragheart combo.

I’m really bummed I didn’t get this one random item design earlier (though I guess I was lucky to have it for the last two scenarios):

There’s a sword that gives +2 to an attack if there’s green magic! And doesn’t get used or tapped at all! I was able to get +2 on like four turns in a row a couple times.

Having unlocked the sun, moon/eclipse, and music note classes, we decided to go sun and moon going forward.

We’ll keep the tank + weakling combo, plus how could we resist pairing the opposites! It will be tricky having a lot less range (hardly any) and no board control / modification.

We also hit prosperity 3–made it all the way to one tick short of four in one mission; we took one last city event prior to retirement, but alas it ended up costing us 5 gold or something, not giving prosperity.


I have no spare space on my table at the moment, so no gloomhaven. 😕


Heh, we’ve managed to fit it all in our kitchen table. However, since we can only play after the kid goes to sleep, we have to prepare one night (get all the pieces out, do city and road events, etc) and then play the next.


Up thread ,someone posted these player boards from Etsy:

I, being a solo player tight on space bought two of them. This week will be the first week I play with them, but so far I’m mildly impressed. The wood isn’t as flimsy as I expected, and the overall quality is decent for what I expected.

The main complaints I have right now are that the dials come with dowels you insert. Seems ok, except they don’t stay, so I had to glue them together. In fact, about half the construction is great and snaps together soundly. The other half requires a lot of gluing, including the card rails and the dials… But still, not bad.

Anyway, for anyone curious about my space saving setup, here you. Campaign tracking is done on my phone, and scenario tracking is done via app on my PC. All the other spare stuff is in the box off camera


Nice. The Broken Token Insert comes with trays that have similar storage setup for the active characters, but they don’t have dials or slots to stand equipment in - basically, they’re not for use as you play, just having everything handy at setup.


With my setup, after setting up the scenario setup the next biggest issue is character setup. Since I don’t put the trays away, now I can get playing in just a few minutes


I just finished my 2nd scenario with LB and it’s definitely fun. I’m finding it really hard to get decent XP though. Maybe it’s the cards I’ve chosen but it seems like a very slow leveling class.


I took stock of how much my wife and I have played Gloomhaven and we’re up to completing 25 scenarios. We’re still going strong even though we’ve only played 3 times over the last couple weeks or so. We’ve only retired 1 character (my Brute at level 5 or 6). She just hit level 9 with her tinkerer, and I hit level 7 with my mindthief. I hope we aren’t inadvertently been cheating or anything because we’ve had a pretty easy time beating scenarios for a while. I should probably reread through the instructions and read the faq.


Well, we tried Gloomhaven for the first time last night. I misunderstood the setup instructions and configured the first room for 4 instead of 3, we didn’t understand how the resource management worked, and that led to us failing the first scenario. Everyone had a good time though, and we’re excited to play again.

There’s a lot of very clever presentation and UI tricks (I love the monster card + envelope thing), but I find the indication of which monsters to place by player count to be very confusing.


Yeah, if you had three players and put the monsters down for four… I don’t think you’re going to win that one. :)


After a while it becomes pretty easy, but sometimes you’ll have brain farts and want to place extra guys.


I think it wasn’t helped that those shielded elites guardsmen are hard nuts to crack for our party - we have a Brute, a Tinkerer and a SpellWeaver.


We were spellweaver and cragheart, so I definitely remember that shielded enemies with moderate hitpoints are a weakness for the spellweaver. IIRC the brute has a pierce attack, but maybe not more than one? Sometimes you just gotta keep pounding for a while; helps if you can build up bigger attacks with modifiers, of course.

The other tip I have for beginners is to get the stamina potions, not whatever they advise in the rulebook. Power potions are nice (especially for building up a big attack, like I mentioned above) but IMHO stamina potions are better.