Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!


Agreed. What’s better, an extra use of a powerful skill before a rest, or +1 damage? It’s kind of a tough call in some cases, but generally speaking STA is better than PWR pots. Though, power potions are more expensive so the game designer seems to disagree.


There are some situations where power potions are great: the spellweaver has a couple multi-target attacks, and buffing a 3-target attack, especially if you can further buffing by consuming an element, and maybe use some eagle-eye googles while you’re at it, can really make a powerful first impression on a room.

That said, I stand by my statement that stamina probs are better.


Yeah Power potions are only good if you have an attack that reliably hits 3 or more targets imo.

And even then… eh… You’re talking 3 damage. Usually 2.

Compared to getting back two cards that you need right when you need them? No contest.


Except when you fight oozes.

Because fuck oozes.


Ugh, every single scenario with even one ooze turns into a complete shitshow for us. More often than not they end up killing themselves and we just try to stay alive until it happens.


We usually just run away and let them die, but them being ranged does make it trickier.


It looks like the 3rd printing is available now. I didn’t see it at Amazon but Cardhaus, CSI and Miniature Market all had it. I went with Cardhaus because they were the only one with the sticker set available. I’m hoping it shows up by the weekend. One of my boys was just saying he was in the mood for some board gaming.

I still kick myself for not buying in on the last Kickstarter and saving myself some money plus I would have been able to play it long ago.



Thanks for finding this. I was excited until I read that it’s not an adaptation of the board game. Disappointing. Maybe the game will be ok.


(The bump reminded me to post my update.)

We finally retired our second set of characters: sun and moon class. What a great combo! We’re now going with lightning bolts and triangles.

Spoiler sun & moon classes:

The Sunkeeper and Nightshroud combo was almost too good for 2-player. Once she enhanced the persistent shield on the sunkeeper to 2, we basically walked around invincible and/or invisible. When I furthermore got the reusable instakill elite (in addition to the reusable instakill normal from level 1) it was merely a matter of coordinating when I could use the sun elements she generated to clear off the board. And of course if we happened to fight a boss, then, well, it was still over nearly as quick because both of us were single-target high damage dealers.
The final mission we did before retiring was 81, which was really just an awesome victory lap for us, because we didn’t even have to worry about element generation, either. I don’t think we’ll ever have a scenario as easy as that again.


I wish the video game was a straight port. That would have been cool. Still, what they do may be good too. Gloomhaven was to big for me to bring to France. I miss playing it. I hope it will be easy to jump back into the middle of our campaign in January.


That was my first thought, but then I realized I already have the pencil/paper experience with my friends, so having an all new way to delve into the Gloomhaven world (and without needing a group to get together with) could be a Good Thing after all.


Yeah, I’d be happy with a straight port so I could play more than I can manage with my friends. We’ll see what this other thing turns into.

We’re going to have our fourth Gloomhaven session this weekend, and I’ve decided I really like it. I do wish things unlocked a little faster.


I have so many issues with the fiddly nonsense of Gloomhaven that I’d have loved a straight port. The game cries out for it. I like the game, but man does it have so many warts.


Can you give some examples? I’ll not deny it’s fiddliness, but for my wife and I it’s not much of a problem. And we’re not boardgame players outside of this. We do have the attitude that if we mess something up, we just say "oh well’ and try to remember to do it correctly next time.


It’s really, really critical to have a good storage solution. Digging out and setting up scenarios is a LOT easier if you have a system in place. It’s too bad one doesn’t come in the box (I dropped like $80 extra monies to get it set up the way we like at this point, almost as much as I paid for the game) but in terms of time saved and letting us get into and out of the game faster, it’s been money very well spent.


I think Gloomhaven is awesome and the fiddliness doesn’t bother me all that much (after we started using the organizer), but there are plenty of things that are clunky, to say the least …
-the components are ridiculously unwieldy without an expensive organizer. it’s practically required if you don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up/tearing down each time you play.
-requires a LOT of table space in general
-tracking damage and status effects, with separate cards for each enemy type but cramming these all onto one card for each separate monster of the same type.
-tracking element components
-there are a lot of individual components each player needs to manage. action cards (which can be in 4 different states/piles), items, damage modifer deck, gold, health, experience, personal quests, dungeon specific quests, status sheet, usage chits on various cards
-managing the world map, and which quests are available, which items are available to purchase, and all kinds of other decks of cards that only come into play every once in a while.
-even executing the enemy AI movements requires a wealth of knowledge about all kinds of rules and exceptions.

Keeping this all organized requires everyone to pitch in, and if you have a player who isn’t invested enough to do their share, I imagine it can get pretty overwhelming and frustrating.


You don’t say. I’ve found that the Broken Token storage solution I have works a charm. Helps to make the game playable, as it otherwise would be even more of a glorious hot mess than it is.

Thanks though.


I think it works fine with some plano-boxes for tokens and envelopes for the monster cards.

What I want from a Gloomhaven computer game is something to play solo, not a rehash of the campaign game. A combination of the solo scenarios and random dungeon mode with a Desktop Dungeons/Rogue Legacy type unlocking system could be fun.


I really don’t think that (once you get a rhythm for setting the scenarios up) the game is any more fiddly than other board games of this style/complexity I’ve played before. In some ways it’s easier/faster to play (no dice), in fact.

Then again, every time I play a game that lacks fiddly bits I tend to get bored pretty quick, so my experience may not be a standard one.