Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!


I can’t really argue with any of the above, but it hasn’t been a big problem for me. There was a stretch where I would set up the game one night (well, really just pull together all the pieces we’d use) and then we’d play the next, but now we’ve a basement where we can leave it set up. Still, we can barely fit a whole scenario between the kid’s bedtime and our own bedtime, excluding set up.

I will say that I think I’ve really got the setup down pretty well; we spend more time doing city/road events and deck/item selection and theorycrafting (and other pre-first-round activities that count as part of the game) than scenario setup, I believe, without any aftermarket organizers.


I’ve bought in to the YASS method from Reddit: basically 4 Plano boxes for all the fiddly pieces and cards, and an accordion folder for the map tiles. Cost me less than CAD$25 for the organizer, and it (mostly) all fits back in the box neatly. Cuts setup/teardown time by a third at least.

I wanted the Broken Token setup, but shipping to Canada made it ridiculously cost-prohibitive.


Why did I not think of this!? I have them in four folders now.


Clarification found on Reddit on some things being mis-reported (for instance, it’s a third person camera, not FPS):

Some info from Mike West (Creative Director of the developer, Flaming Fowl Studios) working on the digital adaptation.


Looks like this project is pretty ahead of schedule.

They’re doing damage control before it’s even released!


This guys comments didn’t seem like damage control to me, more like a super fan answering questions for other super fans. I imagine this information will be pretty mainstream once a big news outlet gets a preview copy of the game, likely in the next few months if early access is Q1 2019 (which is what they are saying right now).


“The game will play exactly like Gloomhaven… At some point in the future, after it’s released.” What if not enough people buy it, or if a lot of people buy it and then refund it because they wanted Gloomhaven?

“The game is not being simplified, it is being streamlined.” Okay. ;) And is this the first version or the eventual second version that’s being “streamlined?” Both?

I have no emotional investment in this project because I’m not touching the hardcopy with a pole, 10’. But if I cared about this project, I’d be getting worried…

Hopefully it all works out.


It doesn’t say that. It says it won’t be the entire campaign right off the bat, but a roguelike version of the game. I don’t see anywhere that mentions the game mechanics will be different from the start vs. what will be released later.


I’m trying to find some daylight between

The game will play exactly like Gloomhaven… At some point in the future, after it’s released.


it won’t be the entire campaign right off the bat, but a roguelike version of the game.

And I can’t, but maybe I’m just too dumb! Suffice to say, I have no quibbles with the way you phrased it. We agree. :)


In your version, it is implied that the game will not play like Gloomhaven when it is released. There is a bit of a difference between playing the Gloomhaven campaign, which is a crafted and persistent world, vs. playing “like” Gloomhaven, which I interpret as the mechanical gameplay that Gloomhaven offers. It’s like the difference between Pandemic Legacy and Pandemic. Mechanically, we’re talking about mostly the same game.


Oh cool! Maybe I will get past the first encounter this time…


One of the ways you can play tabletop Gloomhaven is with random dungeon scenarios. So they will produce a full mechanical implementation of Gloomhaven that uses the random scenarios immediately and will, theoretically, play just like the tabletop when you use that mode. And then they will take a while to fully implement the 95ish scenarios of the campaign.


Am I the only one who wonders why, if this is what he meant, it isn’t what he said?

I swear I’m not being sarcastic or snarky.

Your interpretation seems like one plausible interpretation. But, since the dev’s comments were in a thread where he was trying to clear up confusion, why not be as specific as you just were, rather than start bandying about the term “roguelike,” which I’ve never previously seen used to refer to Gloomhaven?


How are you not understanding the difference between mechanics and campaign? Nowhere in his post does it say the game will play differently than Gloomhaven, other than in the wrapper in which it is contained.


The bit from Price @ Cephalofair says just what Malkav did. The primary focus is on a system of random dungeons, with a future eye toward the campaign.



In any case, I’m going to bail so I don’t become Derek Smart and PC Gloomhaven doesn’t become my Star Citizen.

(I would also be curious about this developer’s track record on finishing previous projects, what those projects were, whether they were worth bothering with, and whether the team is going to hire any native English speakers for the English version of this game, after glancing at the Steam page. Again, if I cared. ;) )


Thanks for trolling by…


A 180 million dollar version of Gloomhaven? Woooo!


Kind of what I was thinking… ???


This makes it a whole lot more appealing - especially if they do implement the campaign. I wonder what the price point will be. I would love to fire up the computer and play a solo campaign of Gloomhaven.