Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!


Thanks! My grandfather got it hand carved from Africa about 90 years ago


Is that support or kill captain of guard? We supported and his archers helped a LOT. Make sure you are using the rules right for them!


It’s kill and the archers are exactly the problem.


Well, how commited are you to:

  • Not going down a level to complete it on easy
  • Switching to support captain of guard and not killing them?

Both are viable solutions, one might not fit your role play style.


Also, what classes are you? (Not that I did that one, myself.)


I believe that once you pick a scenario branch you aren’t supposed to change, if we’re going to cheat that way we might as well give ourselves more undead to support us. We’ve tried twice with Scoundrel, Tinkerer, Mindthief, and Spellweaver, once at level 1 and once at level 2. We then tried at level one with replacing the scoundrel with the Brute.


An interesting analysis of exhaustion.


I don’t remember where that is in the campaign but you should have other missions you could explore for a while.


We’ve talked about that. But I feel with the difficulty being raised as your level is raised that it isn’t really going to help. One reason we switched out the scoundrel for the brute was to lower the difficulty back down to 1 because the one time it was level 2 we got decimated. I’ve done some searching online and there is a good amount of grousing about this scenario. It seems being an evil scumbag doesn’t pay since the good version is much easier. If we try it again I think it will be in an attempt to game the mechanics so that the second to last room has no one in it by open that door before we kill very many of the guys in the earlier room. If there are no figures to place when the door is opened they don’t spawn.


You would be surprised how much some advancement can help.


We’re done!

No, not really. But now we’ve played the final scenarios in the campaign. Albeit in a different order than intended, I think.

We also played the side scenario that you get from the envelope you open when you feel that you’ve deserved it. We were surprised that it wasn’t that difficult, but our party is a well-oiled and coordinated machine at this point. We also bumped up to scenario level 7 at the end.

I retired my two minis, but since I am going away for a research stay we won’t play again until January so there’s a lot of time to decide. It will probably be Pyramids / Triforce, though. I must see for myself if it is that bad.


Well we did our first scenario tonight. It was a learning experience for sure but I know they liked it because I got two requests. One is they want us to do the regular game night and to add a second game night just for Gloomhaven, plus they want a a third at my little sisters house, for the most part. So after one Gloomhaven run though, man there are a lot of pieces but it was pretty cool, we are going from one a month game night to three a month!

The original plan was to play Gloomhaven founders, but… like a lot of Kickstarters, I am missing a few pieces and need to wait for those.

Good times.


Gloomhaven is the first board game of its kind that I’ve played and it’s pretty cool. I’m looking forward to getting back so my wife and I can play it again. Glad to hear your group is excited to play.


The thing about the game that really surprised me as I was playing was how much of the approach I really liked, like some of the ideas I really wanted to find in other games and… some of the stuff I would just leave behind. It averages out to a like overall, but the way he does the different levels in the envelopes. I really enjoyed. The hidden stuff is good, although I question component counting with that. I feel like it will be a year out before I find out I missing a piece in some envelope I’m not supposed to open. Each player getting a unique deck for them, I really liked.

As much fun as it i to lug around a 20 lb box that doesn’t hold it’s components well, not that much fun actually, I’d say there could have been several ways to cut back on that and still keep the flavor and game close to what it is. I think some of the components are just excessive, and unnecessary, but I like why the idea of why they are there.

I guess that’s a long way of saying, I hope some future games, from him or others, might borrow some of the ideas here but maybe like edit themselves a little better, keep it tight.

One person in my group tonight hated Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game. It broke two of our hearts because we thought this might be a way to get close to RPGs without having to do the work and effort of an actually RPG… which I think they would like actually The fact she wants to play this again but doesn’t want it to become our only game, thus the extra nights, renews hope for this style of game and that we will play this for some foreseeable future.

If they had a digital version of this game, like does rules and all not just a simulator… I could get a online group easily.


I could see how someone who needs to travel with the game would be less than happy with the box. It’s always exciting when we get to open something new in this game. I love the envelopes and other hidden stuff. Even picking my new card when leveling up is great. I tend not to look ahead at the cards so I’m usually surprised at the choices available.


New flatmate moved in today and seemed verrry happy with my boardgame collection.

Potential! ☺


We are definitely looking forward to opening more stuff. I haven’t even looked at level 2 cards or the extra modifier deck just so when that happens we all enjoy it together, but due to size and a snazz load of components, Gloomhaven nights will always be here.


I just hit our game’s first retirement, getting rid of my Tinker and opened up 3 spears. Will be interesting, we have no real tank and so I was doing 100% of our healing. Now we have no real tank and no healing =)


The preorder for the Gloomhaven expansion, Forgotten Circles, is up.


Mysterious to whom?