Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!

Also I think the standard that I’ve seen on the internet is to use names for the starting classes and descriptions of the icons for the rest (though the chart is super helpful).

Here’s a spoiler filled primer on envelope x. You’d remember if you opened it I think, but if not the first few posts should jog you enough to decide if you did or not.

Proceed with extreme spoiler caution

I’ve gone Tinkerer -> Spellweaver -> #18 Sawbones -> #20 Beast Tyrant.

This weekend was my first time playing Beast Tyrant, and it comboed amazingly with my wife’s #12 Summoner.

I’ve been very impressed in how different every class I’ve played worked. I do miss the Tinkerer and having an enormous deck of cards with a tool for every situation.

My favorite character so far that I played has been #16 (I’m pretty sure, The Berserker) and I think the one I was most impressed with was my son playing #14 because the way he had sort of built him was making all the fights almost too easy. I was sad when he retired him.


Currently in the middle of #11 after Tinkerer.

If I didn’t need to participate in combat (ha), I could theoretically just keep playing forever without ever resting or losing cards. Even using the updated stamina potion rule that reduces their effect. When we unlock greater (or major or whatever they are) stamina potions it will even be easier. Sadly the class doesn’t hit all that incredibly hard at mid level, but it does provide some useful support features. Next level for one of those absurdly big AOE powers.

Those are actually the other 2 I was strongly considering! I still may pick one of them. I haven’t finished going through all of the unlocked classes yet.

Yours was 9 iirc. His is 16.

I always confuse 16 and 20 for some reason.

Yep, 9 was my favorite I played, but 16 for him was neat and pretty effective, but it was 14 that really blew things up for us (he was just crippling our enemies, it was amazing).

We just retired our lightning bolts (9) and triangles (19), which made an excellent pair. We’re considering the two minis (20), three spears (11), and scoundrel (5) (for two players). Any thoughts on which we should choose?

I posted a longer version of this question at BGG.

I’ve been playing a scoundrel (level 6 now) and it’ feel pretty good. Nothing terribly fancy, but it doesn’t feel like I have wasted turns. Some of the abilities are less effective for two players, but that’s how I’m using it.

I just got Gloom for the 3rd time and yet again I set up the first scenario, played a turn or two, and realized, again, i have NO desire to play this over and over.

I was gong to just chuck it but thought I’d offer it to anyone on QT3 for the cost of shipping…which might be 25-50 bucks depending on how far from Seattle you live.

I did not use any stickers or open the town record…it’s prettymuch all new.

The only problem is the first couple pages of the manual got destroyed when my dog jumped in the car on said manual and messed it up…but you can print out the manual from BGG.

PM me if interested.

Very considerate offer - sorry it bounced off of you yet again! I hope a Gloomhaven hopeful takes you up on it and enjoys the campaign. Maybe cross-post over to the Boardgaming thread if you don’t find anyone in this one.

Wonder how much it would cost to ship it to the UK.

I already have a copy, but I am feeling greedy…:S

Two minis has a card that can break a lot of scenarios. Which isn’t a bad thing.
Three spears has a combination that can also sort of break the game by never exhausting.

They’re both very different. I’ve actually played both of them and like them both.

Two minis if you like summons. Three spears if you like items is the best I can say.

Very generous. I almost wish I didn’t already own it!

The digital version stream was up today. It’ dearly of course but looking very solid.

I would like this now please! :-)

I was just coming to give a very big and public thank you to @TheRockSal.

No…thank you for taking it off my hands!

Empire of the Sun just arrived so I will be knee deep in that one for awhile!

I finally got this game, and I really do love it, but it’s been awhile having to setup so much pieces for a boardgame, not since Arkham Horror (still my fave even after eldritch!).

I have no issue with GH except that like most boardgames now, it has so many pieces… its almost a neccesity to have an app to accompany them (the descent and mansions of madness apps are almost defacto neccesary!).

btw, i took a abreak from boardgames for a couple years… whats like another dungeon romp game thats playable solo that has good combat. doesnt need to have a DEEP campaign just good progression of character. sword sorcery? kingdom death monster? too many bones? wtf so many games these days… so little time. oops maybe should move to board game talk.