Glory Road

I had some interest in this because of the subject matter. Then I see it’s a Bruckheimer production. So the question is: At what point in the movie are all 5 members of the team shown walking toward the camera in a horizontal line?

When I first saw the title of this, I thought for a brief second that somebody had made a movie out of Heinlein’s only fantasy novel. Imagine my disappointment.

aw man, that would have been pretty cool.

Wait a minute! I just reread Glory Road last month. What makes it a fantasy? The setting seems pretty standard Heinlein hard sci-fi to me. That’s what makes it so cool. He marries a princess, fights dragons, and recovers a mystical treasure, and none of it is fantastical.

If you want to talk Heinlein’s one fantasy novel, I nominate Stranger in a Strange Land.

I’m not grokking SIASL as fantasy. Horror maybe.

He has some fantasyish shorts I think, there was one about magic contractors or something. Can’t recall, read it in elementary school (well while I was that age anyways)

Well, I read it like twenty years ago, so the details are fuzzy. But what with the dragons and the princess and the whatnot, isn’t that, you know… fantasy? I seem to remember the half-baked sci-fi explanations in the novel were leaning towards parody of your standard Jack Vance sword-‘n’-sorcery book. Hell, maybe I need to read it again.

While were on the subject of things Heinleinian, what was the name of that story where the world turns out to be an alien art installation? I loved that one.

Derailed on the third post. Nice.

It’s a good movie with a classic plotline. You can rest assured that it’s mostly truthful with a few embellishments like the confederate flags toward the end. The story is important and the fact that so many black basketball players like Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan were inspired by this one game makes it a story worth telling.

You might want to have at least a small interest in basketball to really enjoy it, but I took the family and everyone including my young boys had a good time. My wife was especially pleased by the film.

Why are you interrupting our Heinlein conversation, Dave?

Exactly my first thought…

The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag?

You sum up my opinions well. At first I thought it was just riding on Coach Carter’s coattails, but the movie was very well done.