GMail Hackery

I’m looking to get some different skins for my G-mail, as i find the current interface garish.

Anyone have any suggestions for some applets i can download that will allow me to do this? The only program I could find through searching was something that no longer works and is no longer supported called “gmail skins”. bah.

Also I’d love to have the ability to make folders.

Thanks for the oncoming info,

What do folders give you that tags can’t?

As far as I know tags don’t actually remove things from the general pool of mail. Theres certain things I’d like out of my hair but stored so i can look at them later in a place that I don’t think of as “the trash” (archive)

I’m mostly interested in making g-mail not look ugly. so the folders thing is secondary.

If an email is labeled and archived, then it’s as good as in a folder, since it’ll be there when you click on your label or perform a general search.

The only complaint I have about labels is that once one has a ton of labels, it becomes cumbersome to browse through them via the sidebar, so it would be nice if you could cascade the labels and create label groups or sublabels, so to speak.

Also, partial text search is still broken, no wildcard searches exist, and one still cannot sort by date.

I think that sums up all my substantial gripes with Gmail.

Yep. That took me a while to get. Label it then Archive it with the big Archive button.

“Inbox” is just another label. Archive simply strips it from your messages.

If you don’t label something and Archive it, it will still be listed under All Mail.

I can’t help on skinning, but I have to say, if you really don’t want to embrace the tags-instead-of-labels paradigm, Gmail is probably fundamentally not the webmail client for you.

The nice thing is that, in response to Gmail (and each other I reckon), Hotmail and Yahoo mail have gotten better over the years.

Also, just a random tip that might be useful to someone: If you enable gmail’s imap support in setting and then properly configure some other client, Thunderbird or whatever, your Gmail labels will show up in the other email client as folders.