Gmail Windows/PC question

I have a Gmail account I use for a side business and one I use for my primary email. On my phone, Gmail app, there is an option to select “All Inboxes” and it will show the emails from both my gmail addresses. I cannot find an option like that on my Windows/PC gmail. Is it not there or am I just missing it?

I don’t believe it exists on browser versions, but one thing you could do is use a different browser you normally don’t use, set it’s default page to gmail and sign into it as your business email - then you can keep them both up pretty easy.

It’s why God gave us Microsoft Edge.

You can set it up, but it’s really just forwarding secondaries to a primary gmail addy.

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I actually (gasp) use a mail client for multiple Gmail accounts. I’ve settled on Mailbird for the past couple of years and it’s worked well for me.

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You don’t really need to use another browser.
Just click the user button in the top right of gmail, click the other account, and then it’ll open another tab with the other account’s gmail. You can have them both open at once.

This option never worked very slick for me, but to each his own. Whenever I tried it sometimes I’d get the wrong account when I launched the browser fresh, for example. I just like to keep things simple. Simple is reliable.

But you’re always gonna have them both open, right? I guess to me it doesn’t really matter which one it opens first.


Yeah, I ran the experiment and it appears I can have both accounts/gmails open at the same time. I assumed I’d have to logout of one to open the other. I do have to be careful to not have the alternate one set itself up as my default google account, but I can handle that,


Yeah, for me personally I like to keep two browsers up with the two different accounts. I’ve run into issues with different tabs in Chrome in the past and it just makes things easier for me. My work uses Google Workspace so I use Chrome for all of that and then keep an Edge browser around for my personal stuff. That way if I open Hangouts, Docs, Sheets, or whatever on my Edge browser it’s always using the correct account and vice versa. It does mean I have two browsers up but that’s not a big deal to me.

Yup, this is how I work, too, and I like to use a different UI theme with each account, so I can tell at a glance which identity I’m working with.

I use Thunderbird, though it is kind of fugly, and extensions/plugins aren’t always updated with new versions.

I also tried eM Client. It is prettier but at the same time harder on the eyes since the different window panes are hard to distinguish from one another.