GMG Golden Joysticks Award 2013, Free game?

Has anyone got this to work?

I get to the last step where i select my free game and it won’t let me proceed.

If i don’t fully fill in the details (because i don’t want to create an account as i have one), it says “Ooops. Something’s gone wrong!” If i do, it forwards me to general error page.

Doesn’t work for me either. I entered in all the details, including creating an account. It still gave me the Ooops error.

Their help system took me to this page:

I sent them an email a few hours ago, let’s see how long it takes for a response. I assume they’re swamped with help requests over this thing.

Yeah, same problem for me. I’m not terribly concerned because I’ve got both of those games anyway, but I figured I’d pick up another copy to see if any of my buddies wanted it. Bleh.

I got it to work eventually.

On the final page, where you choose which game you want, if you already have a greenmangaming account then use those details in the section where it asks for the username and password, even though the page makes it sound like you need to make a new account. I think at that point I had also logged into GMG in another browser tab - that might have helped too.

Also make sure that the email you use for GMG account is the same as the email you used to register to vote. In my case I had different emails so I had to log back into the voting website and change my account details. Even after that, when I clicked the link I was sent by email I was still getting that ooops error message saying that it looked like I had not voted. The error message suggested waiting for at least 24 hours before trying again, so I did just that.

The next day I tried again and it worked fine.

Ah, that might be the problem for me. I was giving it my GMG info and voting info where it said I should, but I gave my voting profile a garbage email address and GMG uses a real email address.

Yeah, looks like that was the issue. Got me past the initial “Ooops” error and it now complaining that I haven’t voted when I have, so I assume it’ll get rolling in a day or two. Thanks for the heads up!

I was able to use my existing account without problem, but I had to enter my details exactly (including my existing password).