Gnome frost mage w/goblin engineering: discuss

OK, so I am a WoW newbie with little time to play. When the folks at work were discussing their classes, it seemed like there was room for a mage.

After reading the manual a bit, I decided that a gnomish mage engineer was the way to go. This guy’s passion in life is to freeze bad guys solid and then blow them up with the largest possible bomb. So I named him Wunhytte (surname “Wonder”), and now he’s level 14 and building up his mining skill, climbing up the frost talent tree. Someday he’ll learn goblin engineering and from then on he’ll be Mr. Icy Hand Grenade, or Sir Freeze 'Em And Bwast 'Em.

First thing is I have no idea how engineering skill works. But I can read up on that on the web. Second thing is I don’t really care whether this character concept makes sense, it sounds like fun. But the third thing is I do have an uneasy feeling that maybe bombs are an insane grind to build and goblin engineering in general is only for crafting wonks, which I’m definitely not (I’d rather be killing things).

So… is this a bog stupid character concept for some reason? Please unleash your harshest assessments.

I don’t have much comment (my mage is fire/arcane), but I think it’s awesome that you’re role-playing a character instead of playing the min/max game. I started doing the same thing with my Gnomish warrior. He’s tiny, but he’s MEAN.

Gnomes rock. We get ALL the chicks, too.

I went gnomish engineering simply because I liked having cool gadgets, and most of the high level gnomish ones persist (unlike bombs you burn an arcanite bar for or something). There’s nothing like whipping out SUPER CHICKEN during a close fight. As a mage you might like that better, simply because, well, you’ll already have the blowing stuff up part set.

Levelling up engineering is pretty easy once you get to 30 or so and can afford to blow a few gold on the AH for materials.

Ditto. I set up my characters because I think they are cool. Not the same thing as role playing, but definitely not min/maxing.

Sadly, as I slowly ground my way through Un’Goro Crater last night, I came to the realization that I may need to respec (min/max in effect here) my priest to shadow, because I’m getting sick of the slow kill time of a discipline/holy priest.

I haven’t chosen an upper-level engineering profession, but my preliminary assessment is that you have it backwards.

I’m told that none of the engineering toys require goblin or gnome to USE, just to make. With that in mind, I’d think you should go goblin so you can continually manufacture your consumables (bombs?) and just buy all the gnomish toys on the AH. Sure, it’ll cost a ton to get all the gnome toys up front, but then you can make yourself bombs forever.

Am I overanalyzing?

Go gnomish enginering. The biggest bomb at 60 will not do jack compared to your spells. Id only reccomend golbin engineering to people who have very weak damage output. There just is to much cool stuff for gnomish engineers.

On my server, the top end PvP guild, Local Defense, on thier app asks you how high your engineering skill is and asks if you have various gadgets most of which are gnomish only.

Infact the more I think about it, the more I feel goblin engineering is lame. The damage on bombs considering the cost is really bad. And the biggest bomb, isn’t even goblin only, anyone can build it.

“The biggest bomb at 60 will not do jack compared to your spells.”

This is the problem. The bombs don’t do much damage. The only good thing about the bombs is that some of them have a daze effect, giving you a few seconds of CC.

Maybe frost nova, arcane explosion a couple of times, and a bomb as the nova wears off might be a good combo, giving you a few more seconds for the nova to refresh and become available again.

The mind control hat is worth using though. You’ll have fun with that.

It is true that most goblin / gnomish engineering toys do not require them to use. Unless you have a partner to crank them out for you, Id still go gnomish. Gnomish death-ray FTW, but not as cool as gnomish battle chicken.

Ah HA! See, I knew I smelled a nerf around here somewhere. Seemed like the bombs couldn’t possibly be that competitive given that they’re one-shots that consume expensive resources on each shot. They’d have to be a lot cheaper, I guess, to be competitive with a mage’s damage output. Goblin engineering for teh nerf!

Sigh. Oh well, death ray ho! “Freeze 'em and bwast 'em” still works for that one. And long live the Sisyphean quest of creating a game system where all character choices are really viable…

So, so much for goblin engineering. What about frost magery? Any tips from other polar mages?


Well the conventional wisdom is that frost mages own on large pvp scales and against melee 1 v 1.

I am not sure conventional wisdom is right. I do have a frost mage who is level 60 and has done lots of AV and MC. These are my observations:

  1. The chill effect in MC is wasted, everything is immune or moves so fast that the slow is irrelevent.

  2. Despite being a ‘fire dungeon’, only a few things in MC are actually immune to fire.

  3. In AV, the chill effect is annoying, but hardly some kind of forbidden zone people will not stay in. The range on frost is < fire.

  4. I found this out recently, both DoTs and Channelled spells (like blizzard) only interrupt flag captures on the first tick of damage. No wonder a continuous rain of damage did not help keep the horde from capping our flags.

  5. Flamestrike is harder to aim, and smaller in radious. It is less of a deterrant, but more of a punishment. If you keep flame striking a flag/banner, no one can cap it.

  6. No fire spells are channelled. You only pay for them if you cast them. Channeld spells, like blizzard and arcane missiels, pay for thier cost up front. If you move or get CS, you only get a small portion of your damage, but are still charged full mana.

If I ever play my mage again consitently, Ill respec to fire although Ill get PoM over the gaurenteed crit from the end of the fire tree.

I roleplay my Rogue to an extent*. He’s lvl 48, and although I generally keep up on the power curve in equipment, I try to stay fashionable with it. I eschew the more powerful leather helmets in favour of a distinctive white mask (custom enchanted, obsolescent, borderline liability). I’m strictly a sword and dagger man, dual daggers being the mark of the THIEF and the CRAVEN GYPSY. I carry a Phantom Blade, even though I’ve grown out of it a bit. I’m having a pants crisis at the moment, because all the leather trousers in the AH for my level-ish seem to be underpants with no legs.

I don’t use one of the popular builds, having respecced at 45 only to move away from all the initial mistakes of ignorance and and “whoops I didn’t mean to click that one!”. I looked hard at how I was playing the game, and chose a talent progression that would make it more fun for me. I play casually (<10hrs/week on and off), and mostly solo, so the rogue is a good character for instant fun, being self-sufficient, and easy to make money with. At the end of a session I enjoy hanging out near the entrance to the Gurubashi Arena and accosting unsuspecting passers-by. They call me Mr Kiss Kiss Cheap Shot.

  • To the extent that excludes goblinspeak, or any other kind of “My Lord Father beseeches your Grace’s indulgence, if it please your Grace” rubbish. GRRM is best left to Him. He’s probably a Ninja Looter in WoW anyway.

I have a high level Gnome Rogue with Gnomish Engineering, and the gadgets are definitely a lot of fun. Grenades and bombs are more useful to a profession without AoE’s, but they still might help in a pinch or if you’re low on mana. They really don’t take that much material to make.

I use the Gnomish Shrink Ray the most, although it’s probably more helpful to a melee character. It can be a problem in parties, though, as a bad malfunction (in this case, shrinking you), affects everyone. Welcome to Gnomish Engineering.

You’ll want to have a Goblin Engineer make you Jumper Cables XL at some point (just supply them with the materials). They can raise the dead, and are really the must-have item for any Engineer. Regular Cables are fine for awhile, but XL Cables have a much higher success rate.

Just try not to rush your skill unless you have access to another character with a pile of gold. You can make quite a bit selling metal, especially now, so pace yourself. Engineering isn’t really a moneymaking profession.

The problem with being a Fire Mage is PvP: a lot of people out there have been to Molten Core, and they’re going to be wandering around in Fire Resist gear. My typical “wandering” gear has around 80 Fire Resist, and perhaps 15 Frost Resist. That’s not unusual for epic-geared players. And heaven help you if your opponents get a chance to switch gear.

Gnomish engineering has been fun so far, but I was severely disappointed with the Rocket Boots. They sounded neat, but I can’t see any practical use for them at all.

If you mine consistently, you can sell some resources and use the rest to get to raise skill. I would hate for you to sell copper just to buy it later, so only sell the copper that you don’t need with an eye on what you aim to purchase with that money. An extra 20 gold for a level 20 character is nice, but it’s also not doing anything for your character at the moment.

Get a second character and mail green items to them for disenchants and station that character at the mailbox near tha auction house. Mail your excess materials to that character for sale. Find a place that has tin. My suggestion would be the Charred Vale and the lush section of Stonetalon with the corrosive sap beasts and Sons of Cenarius, this is a mid 20
s zone. Tin can be tough to find, and you can be into iron territory (125+) before you have found enough tin to be able to tap it.

My first character was a frost mage. I worked better in a group than solo or in a twosome. So if you feel the urge to change your spec to level faster, remember that you didn’t get into this to be an instant level 60, you got into it to play your way to 60, and start grouping more before you burn up a cheap respec.

Oh be very careful here, you are standing on thin ice. I said the exact same thing and I got jumped on for suggesting people might actually be running around with high fire resists for PvP.

Nobody “jumped” on you and “FR IS DUM!” isn’t the argument they were trying to make.

No, but it was like : “your stupid, why have FR when you can get more stats? Its idiotic to think anyone would be wearing the MC gear in a PvP battle because they would be using stat based gear instead.”

Someone’s still bitter.

Duh, he should have had his flame resistant gear equipped. Who wears stat gear to post?