Go ahead, get my hopes up

Can anyone confirm this, last I heard Stardock was still in negotiations? The source is wiki so I’m a little skeptical.

As of 2006, Stardock, the makers of the popular Galactic Civilizationsseries, owns the license to Master of Magic and have said publicly that sometime in the future they plan to make a sequel.

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  • Alan

Last word here from Brad on 5/29/06 was:

We have been in discussions with Atari to outright acquire the rights to the name.

Licensing a name and acquiring the ownership of it are two different things though in terms of cost. ;)

Perhaps he’ll pipe in with an update.

Thanks for the replies, I didn’t realize there was a difference in owing a license and owing the rights (shows my knowledge of the business realm).

It’s pretty much how it sounds. Owning a license means you just have permission to use, owning the rights means you don’t have to get permission because it’s yours.