Go chargers!

Awesomeness. Think my throat is shot for the rest of the weekend cause I was yelling so much.

By the way, probably the shittiest officiating I have seen in a long time.

It always is when it’s your team playing.

Come on…the holding call on the SD run?

Also, the pass interference call?

I’m in a San Diego suburb right now, and I was wearing my Eagles jersey from college while I walked around town for about an hour. Not smart.

Waddle is shown on the replay clearly grabbing Addai by his jersey and dragging him to the turf. That’s Holding.

Yeah, wow, one call maybe. A total travesty, this game.

Even the announcers were like, where the hell was that holding?

What game were you watching? The announcers pretty clearly said that Turner didn’t have a case on the holding call.

The PI call was bullshit, I’m with you there. But I don’t think the officiating was any more uneven than is typical.

And then after the commercial break, they show Waddle dragging down Addai by his jersey in slo-mo and saying “Yep, that’s Holding.” Did you miss that part?

You say that as if going to college in Philidelphia would explain having an Eagles Jersey. Jerseys are expensive. I’m a big Patriots fan, and I don’t have a jersey.

As for the game itself, great game, and good for the Chargers. Those injuries are going to make it rough for them, but still, what a departure from the expectations we were giving them at the beginning of the year. They really pulled the team together, and I think/hope the game next week will be an exciting one, injuries or not.

Think you got that backwards, Adai threw Weddle down. Peter King sees it the same way I did

Look at that holding call. There was holding on both players, and if anything, the hold was on the Colts’ Joseph Addai for throwing Chargers safety Eric Weddle to the ground during the runback. But the flag was on Weddle. Instead of the Chargers being up 14-10 and getting the second-half kickoff, they went into halftime fighting mad and trailing 10-7.

Reading around a lot of other commentators also see it as a phantom holding call.

I share a last name with a certain player who used to be on the Eagles, but that player has since left. I bought his jersey after he’d left for BIG BIG discount, just cuz I like having a jersey with my last name on it. I agree that jerseys are too pricey. It’s the athletics industry taking advantage of the people! And in my town it seems like the poorest people, the Mexicans, are the ones who all get jerseys. I had to walk by a bar and endure the hatred of six dudes in jerseys screaming at me. People honked and yelled angrily from their cars. One guy intentionally set off his car alarm to call attention to me. Dogs barked. Children booed. It wasn’t pretty, and I weep for humanity.

My siblings should’ve told me not to wear the jersey; I don’t follow sports.

I’ve seen the replay several times, and it doesn’t look like holding to me. Weddle did take him to the ground, but not by pulling. It looked like he pushed him down. In any case, it was so close that shouldn’t have been called. As for the PI, that was just obviously wrong.

In any case, it was a fun game to watch, as was the Dallas/Giants game. I was surprised. I expected Indy and Dallas to both win big. Good for the underdogs.

Hm… fair enough!

I don’t get why Chargers fans would care if you were wearing an Eagles jersey. It’s not like they are rivals, or even potentially playing in the playoffs. Now a Patriots jersey ok, maybe.

I guess any enemy will do. I was literally the only non-Chargers athletic wear visible all over my town. Even airport clerks were wearing jerseys.

Peter King says they both threw each other down, so I’m not getting anything backwards. But hey, that’s fine, I haven’t watched it beyond a few times. regardless, this game still wasn’t the worst officiated game ever, as Spoilsport claims.

Maybe it was due to philly fans throwing ice balls and caving in one of our coaches skulls?

I’m guessing that maybe it’s the name of a former Eagle (now Cowboy) who isn’t exactly popular nationally.