Goat and Bambino curses still active apparently

Man, what a way for the Cubbies to lose a game. Obviously, the demonic goat spirit forced that fan to interfere with Alou’s attempt to catch the foul ball.

Likewise, I think the spirit of the Babe possessed 900 year old Don Zimmer’s body as he charged Pedro and got the Yankees fired up.

Could it be a Yankees-Marlins World Series? Oh, the humanity!

Everyone, start buying stock in companies that produce either straitjackets or nooses. After this season is over, sales of such things in either Chicago or Boston (or perhaps both!) are going to skyrocket.

Man, that was the worst eighth inning I’ve ever seen. First the foul ball nonsense (it looked like it was in the stands to me, so fair game for the fan - stupid movethough). Then the Gonzalez error on a very easy groundball.

Gonzalez makes that play and the series is over.

Then the bullpen can’t stop the bleeding.

I still think the Red Sox will take their series to a game seven.


As a Cleveland sports fan transplanted to Chicago, I’m reserving judgment until we see what happens tonight. It’s entirely possible something even more horrific can happen. Believe me, I know.

Like the cubbies being sold to new ownership in Columbus? :p

Heh, I was referring to on the field disasters. As I’m sure Chet can attest, the 1986 Red Sox notwithstanding, nobody knows what it’s like to have the fruit of victory right in your grasp only to have it snatched away at the last second quite like the Cleveland sports fan.

Oh man, the Cubs better win this series for The Fan’s sake, cause the Chicago Sun-Times just named him and the town he lives in. Man, if God smites the Cubs again, that guy better move in a hurry, cause I’d be afraid for him.

I felt for sure that one of the two cursed teams would reach the Series. Probably the Cubs. But after last night’s total implosion, I’m getting the feeling that God was just toying with Chicago. Nothing like crushing false hope.

As for the Sox? The Yankees ain’t Oakland. Winning two in the Bronx against a Joe Torre team… well, it’s theoritically possible.

Yeah, they name and him and give the location where he works. Why didn’t they just print, “Direct all death threats here.” Well, I guess that’s the kind of jounalistic ethics I’d expect from a Murdoch paper.

This whole fan thing is just stupid. Listening to Chicago sports talk radio last night was scary. I can understand people being disappointed, but the people calling in saying they wanted to find his house and firebomb it are worse than idiots. “Hi, I have no life whatsoever, so all of my personal frustrations are channeled into the performance of this sports team over which I have no control!” Despite having being a long-time resident of Wrigleyville, still I’d like to see the Cubs win, but Jesus, what is the deal? I remember being this worked up about sports when I was in junior high, but at some point it became something less than a life-threatening experience.

Prior should never have pitched to Rodriguez in the 8th. In the first place, he was tiring, and in the second place, he was rattled by the foul ball play. As soon as he walks Castillo, he should be gone. Dusty Baker didn’t even have anyone warming up in the bullpen in the 8th inning. I turn on WSCR this morning and the guys are going on about how Prior blew it. He pitched 7 1/3 innings of shutout baseball and he “blew it?” Didn’t Baker do this same thing against the Angels, leaving his starters in too long? And then he has the nerve to stir up the fan incident even more by saying that if the fan hadn’t “interfered,” the Cubs would absolutely have won the game. If you expect Mark Prior to pitch a complete-game shutout every time he pitches, then you’re crazy. Everyone in Chicago is crazy. Except me.

With the possible exception of the last sentence, I agree completely with Bruce’s post. If there’s any finger pointing to do in this loss, it definitely should be at Dusty. Before the Marlins even scored, the Fox TV commentator was pointing out that Prior’s curveball was losing some of its break. Not having anyone warming up was inexcusable. This just conforms to the general pre-season consensus on Dusty Baker. He’s a great motivator, but not a great in-game tactical manager.

Chicago fans en masse are nutty, period. In very few cities do you see fans act so idiotically. Their bloated nationalistic sense of self-pity is starting to get really disgusting. Get over yourselves.

That being said, man, that sucks. Sending death threats to the fan is so horrifically stupid it’s hardly possible to fathom. People in Boston still hate ol’ ball-between-his-legs whatshisname. Give me a friggin break and get on with your so-called lives.

Prior was starting to run on empty… I believe after the Pudge hit he was at like what, 119?

It would be pretty funny if Wood & the Cubbies won tonight, and got all of the folks to just shut the hell up.

— Alan

Oh brother, that fan really does need to go into hiding if the Cubbies lose. I can’t believe the paper printed his name, town he lives in, and where he works.

And I agree about Baker making a mistake not having someone warming up. That’s just basic baseball – if it’s the 8th inning, get a couple of pitchers up and get them loose.

At least the Cubs have another ace pitching for them in the 7th game. Boston needs two wins and has to lean on Burkett in the 6th game at Yankee Stadium. It’s not looking good for the Red Sox.

I can’t speak for the Boston fans, but Bill Buckner has certainly dealt with it quite nicely. He and Mookie Wilson autograph photographs of the infamous play, which are sold online and in those airline shopping magazines for $90 a pop.

Chicago has always been like this about sports. I have a book that describes the horrible things they used to do to lone Packer fans who would take the train down there in the 20’s.

Hey, at least Chicago sports fans are more civilized than Soccer fans. Right Bruce?

I can’t speak for the Boston fans, but Bill Buckner has certainly dealt with it quite nicely. He and Mookie Wilson autograph photographs of the infamous play, which are sold online and in those airline shopping magazines for $90 a pop.[/quote]

Glad he’s dealing with it now. That wasn’t always the case. SI ran a piece about Buckner a few years ago and the play has haunted him. He even got into a fistfight over it.

Not only was the error huge, the particular kind of error really made for an unforgettable mental image – seeing that ball go between his legs just made him look like such a loser. It must be hard on him knowing that’s how he’ll be remembered despite an otherwise great career.

Buckner played for the Cubbies, too, didn’t he?

I don’t watch baseball.

What is “The Fan”?

Top of the eighth inning last night, a Marlin player hit a fly ball to the left field foul area. The ball was close to the stands but the Cubs left fielder was confident he could get to the ball.

But as the ball was coming down, a Cubs fan reached out and tried to grab the ball, breaking up the play. The umpire ruled no interference, so it was just a foul ball, batter still up. The batter walked and the floodgates opened for the Marlins.


Stole these from the Gone Gold thread that Jeff Vitous, a long-time Chicago person (I wouldn’t say Cubs fan since he boycotts them I think) sent to me.

— Alan

Yes, he did. And, of course, Buckner’s not the one who deserves to be lambasted for the error. The real villain was Boston Manager John McNamara who inexplicably did not put in a defensive substitute for Buckner–who was hobbling around on two bad ankles–as he always done in that type of situation earlier in the season and the playoffs.

Have faith Cubs fans. WE SHALL RETURN AND WIN!