Goat and Bambino curses still active apparently

I always blamed Bob Stanley and Calvin Schiraldi. And McNamara could have left Clemens in for another inning.

But goats are goats, and Buckner’s gimpy leg error is a much better story than Stanley’s wild pitch.


I always blamed Bob Stanley and Calvin Schiraldi. And McNamara could have left Clemens in for another inning.

But goats are goats, and Buckner’s gimpy leg error is a much better story than Stanley’s wild pitch.


True. I would also add Boston catcher Rich Gedman to that list of goats. Stanley didn’t really deserve to be charged with a wild pitch. Even though Mookie Wilson made a great contortionist’s leap out of the way of the ball, there was no reason for Gedman not to have at least blocked it.

I don’t know much about Dusty Baker, but I have to say that everyone in Chicago, including Baker, looking to blame the fan need to seriously wake up. It’s an easy way to see things, but it won’t help them avoid future mistakes.

There were mangerial mistakes, pitching mistakes, and fielding mistakes far more serious than a fan going for a ball in foul territory that almost landed on him.

Out of curiosity, how many runs were scored before the next out was made? Would it really have made that much of a difference?

Oh so it’s recent. With the capitalization and the curses and all, I thought this was ancient history.

The capitalization is just advance warning of this thing quickly entering the ever-growing legend of baseball blunders, goofs and momentum changing events.

Of course, if this was a Brewers-Marlins game, the legend bound nature of this event would be doubtful.


It’s my fault the Cubs didn’t win yesterday. I was celebrating before the last out. I had like five beers and became stupid. At that point of my fifth beer, the fan, Gonzalez, Prior and Farnsworth went south. I won’t drink tonite!


Heh, careful taking blame like that. There are going to be some angry fans if this thing goes south.

I dont know why all the focus is on Cubs / Red Sox history when both the Indians, Giants and White Sox haven’t won a world series in quite a while as well. The Giants haven’t won since 1958 and the Indians since 1948… not so long as the Cubs but still long enough. Stop the insanity Cubs and win it tonite. Same with the Red Sox. Put the shit to rest!

Then next year the White Sox vs Cubs!

and by the looks of it, the Red Sox look to be locked in for a game seven with the Yanks. 3-1 right now in the third.


Buckner- As a Sox fan, that night will haunt me forever.
But, Bill B. was the best player on that team.
Bill B. stats:
Hits 2715
OBB .321
slug .408
not too shabby.
I will say, I think all around this is the best Sox squad of all time. This batting lineup is killer. Petey,D-lo and Wakefield are a solid trio. The bullpen, well, every team has a weakness. Other teams had one or two greats-Yaz,Lynn,Dewie exc…but never a hitting lineup like this.
It has been a fun year, seen my share of games, and with the exception of last Sat. all have been a blast.
last night:
Nomar- inside the park HR…man, that was a sight…two innings earlier I was hoping they would trade his ass.Yeah yeah an error…so it wasn’t a technical IPHR.

Cubs- Know that feeling…hats off to all Chi fans.We wanted to be the ones to beat your ass. :D See you next year.

Tonight, well, we shall see. As a Sox fan, I’m not predicting a damn thing.But may Pedro drill that fat bastard in the butt.


2003 has a lot of tough hitting lineups all around… except for the Twins and Cubs every other postseason team had huge numbers. I’m surprised the Cubs beat the Braves stilll… consdiering the meltdown vs the Marlins. Would be great to see a Red Sox/Marlins series… veteran hitters vs young hitters. If you watched the Marlins, lemme tell ya, Pierre/Castillo are the best I’ve seen as a 1-2. And Rodriguez/Cabrerra were unbelievable. Though lets give the Cubs credit for giving the Marlins ‘terrible’ pitching the last two games … I really believe Prior or Wood in top form would have closed down the Marlins. BUT same ole same ole… damn you ye Gods of Baseball.


uhh, didn’t the Red Sox learn from the Cubs Flubs??!?!


Wow, those were some incredible comebacks by the Marlins and Yankees.

really? no way asher.


friggin game sucks!



I feel genuinely terrible for the Boston players (I’m a Yankees fan myself). I hate seeing a coach basically lose a game.