God Bless Tom Clancy


A celebrated author with many admirers in the military has criticised the US-led invasion of Iraq, citing it as proof that “good men make mistakes”.

Tom Clancy also said he almost “came to blows” with a leading war supporter, former Pentagon adviser Richard Perle.

The hawkish master of such million-selling thrillers as Patriot Games and The Hunt for Red October has added his own name to critics of the Iraq war, and not only through his own comments.

His latest book, Battle Ready, is a collaboration with another war critic, retired Marine General Anthony Zinni.

Battle Ready looks at Zinni’s long military career, dating back to the Vietnam War, and includes harsh remarks by Zinni about the current conflict.

In an interview today with The Associated Press, Clancy and Zinni sat side by side in a hotel conference room in Manhattan, mutual admirers who said they agreed on most issues, despite “one or two” spirited “discussions” during the book’s planning.

Anyone who tries to deck Perle is fine with me.

Zinni teaches at William and Mary. I’ll have to audit a lecture or two…

Zinni and Clancy were both on Charlie Rose last night. Rose spent most of his time talking to Zinni since Clancy had this annoying tendency to give two or three word answers and avoid answering in any way that would lead to more questions.

Zinni was awesome, though. Clear, sharp, big supporter of the work that the military is doing but very angry at the civilian leadership for this entire enterprise.

On another note, Clancy needs a new jacket or a new stylist. And he looks like he has lost a lot of weight.



Clancy Republicans - the new swing voter group.

Bah, FUCK TOM CLANCY. At least he’s writing non-fiction now with a co-author instead of fiction with his own politics blatantly thrown in.

That said, it is nice to see someone on “that side of the political fence” saying iraq was a mistake or at least poorly planned.

He’s been doing that for years, since the original “Submarine” book which was from… err… 1992? 3?

Have you had your head in the sand? Just about every Republican who isn’t either 1) part of the White House proper 2) part of Bush’s re-election team or 3) a member of the media has questioned Iraq policy and planning. Even Bush Sr. said it wasn’t so hot.