God damn plumbing

It’s not like electricity. Electricity is more or less binary. You either wired it right and it turns on or you didn’t. You can measure amps, voltage, etc.

With plumbing, you can get the seal from a threaded pipe to an unthreaded pipe PRETTY tight, and you can put PVC glue on it, and you can tighten a washer, and you can get it PRETTY well watertight . . . but not quite. You have have the tinest drip and have to take it apart and figure out why or just glob more crap on it.

Plumbing is annoying. I can’t seal this thing back up until it’s absolutely perfect or it will drip into the drywall and mold/sag the ceiling. Infuriating!

So far this is my least favorite handyman job I’ve done in my home. Fuck plumbing!

I’m guessing that’s why there are trained professionals. You know. What do they call them? Damn. I’m totally blanking on the name now…

Carpenters, duh.

And here I thought you were going to start a thread about how you needed to go on Viagra…

Soft adult contemporary certainly sealed my pipes.

We are not alone in our associations.

I was just going mentally ewww over the stuff ElG was going to tell us he pulled from the hot tub plumbing… and yet I clicked.

Either that or vasectomies…

And apropos of nothing, “Viagra and Vasectomies” would not be a bad name for a rock band, as well as a roleplaying game.

As long as it wouldn’t be a LARP.

This’ll make for some interesting ads: LARPing, viagra, vasectomies, and rock bands.

ElGuapo; Do it all again but this time put water proof (aqua tank) silicon all over that sucker. If you need to remove the plumbing later on, you can cut through the silicon with a knife (after you have put some Turps over it).

Replacing an old kitchen sink is some of the best times you can have… along with root canals, open heart surgery and the like.

Too many letters.

Everytime I try to get a fucking plumber he’s of somewhere rescuing a princess or his goddamn brother.

There is something wrong with me. I actually LOLed at this.

It would be far too easy for me to link to images of a fucking plumber. Yes, yes it would.

Apparently it wasn’t as easy as you thought.

Exactly! Where’s the challenge otherwise?


Had a bunch of sewage water arise (sorry) from my basement shower drain and the drain in the utility room this morning after using the upstairs shower. So now instead of leaving work early and enjoying a fine cigar and a good book, I get to leave early and meet the roto-rooter guy and HOPE it’s just a matter of him cleaning out the main drain and me scrubbing dried fecal matter off the floors. THAT is the BEST CASE scenario.


Just wanted to vent a little. Carry on.

Yeah, I had a drain backed up in one of the kitchens’ sinks (the master kitchen, not the servant’s quarter’s kitchen). I tried to unstop it myself but I was hitting some gross, midnight black, pasty obscruction that was coming off bit by bit and smelled like . . . well, about as bad a something can smell that’s in a stopped up pipe. I suspect it was 50 years worth of onion skins.

Plumber came over with a powered auger (one with its’ own power supply box and feeding mechanism), and for $49, completely fixed it. Took about 10 minutes. That thing is completely awesome.

In other news, I’ve gotten way, way better at plumbing since starting this thread. I’ve replaced water heaters, sinks, bathtubs, run new lines, replaced traps and pipes, you name it. Plumbing is still my least favorite kind of repair work to do.