God Hand, Goddamn

Please please tell me theres a way to shut off the music in this thing. The same Hawaii 5-0 theme playing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…It is literally ruining the game for me.

Otherwise I’m about 3 hours in and am having some fun, though in retrospect, I would’ve just rented it having known the amount of repetition thats starting to show itself.

If you want to turn off the cheesy surfer music, you’re not playing the game right.

What the shit’s going on with the reviews for this one?

Gamespot score - 8.0
IGN score - 3.0


Some people enjoy surf music more than others?

I’m up to the gay boss duo, and I’m having a great time. If you’re not like me and Final Fight isn’t your favorite game, I guess I could see maybe giving it a 6.5 or a maybe a 6.0. Maybe. But 3 - just .3 better than the worst game of the two thousands, American McGee’s Bad Day LA - has got to be some kind of sanctionable professional misconduct.

IGN Review Response:

Don’t see any camera problems there.

To add a little more mathematical perspective, God Hand’s 3.0 rating is in the bottom 5% of IGN’s ratings. The bottom 4.2%, to be exact. 95.8% of games that IGN has ever reviewed have gotten a higher score than God Hand.

That’s what I’m saying. And now, apparently, Clover Studios is closing forever.


It’s times like this that I wish I could sort reviews by reviewer so I could have some context for Chris Roper’s opinions.

Come on, Matt. Go all Metafuture on his ass.


It’s one of the few reviews I’ve ever read that explicitly mentions that the score reflects the opinion of the entire editorial staff.

Rumour is that the Clover people are just splitting away from Capcom.

It is possible for people to just have differing opinions on games you know. One mans 8.0 game is anothers 3.0.

What the fuck is with that “Another Take” at the end of the IGN review?

In my years of working here at IGN, no other game has earned the universal disdain God Hand generated among our editorial staff… God Hand is an obviously bad game… It’s too bad to be real… God Hand is still worth playing

Hope that’s true. God Hand doesn’t look like my cuppa, but Okami and VJ are both great.

Not on the internet it’s not possible. Judging from the gameplay video linked in this thread, if I were to review the game, I’d probably give it somewhere in the range of a 3.0 as well. It’s great that people like it (hell, I enjoyed SW2 and N3), but obviously not a game for everyone (as the IGN review says).

I played it yesterday, and it’s been a while since I was really frustrated with a game and yet still having fun with it. I love the idea of unlocking new attack combos and customizing your attacks that way. The camera was abit annoying as it felt too zoomed in for me. Also is their an easy way to deal with demons if you don’t have your god hand bar full? Also what is the point of leveling up and down?

I’d rather use a coin flip to decide a game purchase than rely on an IGN review.

I know, I know - everyone loves MGS, Zelda, and wacky japanese games. All these games must get 8.0 or higher and anyone that doesn’t think that way is a heretic, that must be burned ASAP.

Regardless of differing opinions among gamers, 3.0 is a ludicrous score for this game.

I heard that this game is hard, can anyone confirm?