God Hand

New trailer out http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?id=11724&type=wmv&pl=game

Bunch of you guys seemed amused by the E3 one so thought you should know. Clover is shaping up to be a good little studio I think.

There’s also this for those looking forward to another sure-to-be awesome Capcom action game.

Can anyone think of a development studio with a better track record with third-person action games than Capcom? Rockman ZX just released and it is so good it hurts.

In any case, God Hand looks wonderful. I think they could have pulled off the sparse and dead-looking environment a little better, as parts of it look shoddy rather than how its supposed to come off, as dusty and hazardous.

However, spanking girls, 100-punch-to-the-groin combos, batting people into the stars, dancing ninja girls, fake-outs, making people disintegrate with the touch of your hand: this game might just be the true successor, after all these years, to Final Fight. It certainly has the silliness down pat.


Heh, after watching a trailer of that… could be a reason to unpack my ps2 again.

Assuming it comes out in the US of course.

It’s coming here. I played it at E3 and the game ROCKS!

Both those trailers are pretty funny, thanks guys. Godhand looks like it’ll be alot of fun as I’m a sucker for that Ninja Gaiden style fighting game mechanics + action adventure rpg. Don’t know what to think of the Ghouls and Ghosts sequel though, as I loved the originals but doubt I have the patience for the difficulty level anymore. Have to wait to see some actual gameplay I guess.

I wouldn’t worry about the new Ghouls & Ghosts difficulty, there will be a mode for us maniacs who like to take it up slow and hard and with lots of spikes! However, there will also be a beginner mode that removes a lot of the ridiculous overchallenging elements.

Capcom has given examples like, if you’re platforming and trying to defeat serpents at the same time, in the arcade mode, the platforms will crumble and fall if you stand on them too long, but in the beginner mode they won’t and you can take your team. Another example was that in one stage on top of all the other dangers, the wind of a storm will blow you back and rocks will roll down at you, but in the beginner mode, both of these things are removed.

Other than that, there are also engine changes. In beginner mode, there’s none of the classic challenge that’s merited by the “if you get hit, you get launched back uncontrollably, maybe into a pit”. You simply register the damage and stay where you are. As well, if you die, you resurrect at the spot where you were standing rather than going back to a checkpoint or the beginning of the stage.

Furthermore, there seems to be things like a lifebar and more powerful weapons in beginner mode.

With all this care taken to change the experience, I think you’ll find this newest the most welcome for people whose appeal for the series isn’t that it’s the hardest series of games ever.

BTW, the GBA port of the Ghouls & Ghosts is also easier than the original due to some slight options you have and a way to save your progress on the cart.


Where’s that quote thread when you need it?

Wow, I’m glad I peeked in here. This has just moved to the top of the list…

Is that Autumn 2006 for the US? The Japanese subtitles confuse me…

I actually like the difficulty of Ghouls and Ghosts, I just don’t like the limited continues and being forced to start over from the beginning after they run out. That made a certain amount of quarter-sucking sense when it was an arcade game, but I don’t have as much time for such grind as I used to, and games have moved on alot since then.

I watched this like three more times. I can’t wait to play this game again. Looks like it’s only $29.99 too.

Personality I think that lives and limited continues should be gone by now. I can’t imagine playing a game like Ninja Gaiden Black or God of War with a set amount of lives between save points.

Oh my GOD I am so buying that game. Is the 9/14/06 release date for Japan only, or also US?

Looks like October 10th is the U.S. date.

UGnG will probably be a pushover compared to the old ones, if you want it to be. In the movies I’ve seen, they give you a generous lifebar (that you can extend, presumably by Metroid-style pickups) and when you fall in a pit or on spikes, you restart right next to where you died. Plus it just seems to be friendly with second-chance type moves: the double jump from SGnG is there, and you can grab ledges. Plus it saves your progress, I’m guessing.

Re: God Hand: Looks great and funny and weird, but also looks like the camera is gonna be an enormous pain in the ass. Hopefully it will rock.

God Hand has finally been released.
Here are some impressions of the game, kifed from the Edge forum. Poster: Mr Brooks.


Well, my import copy of the title under scrutiny pitched up this week, and has been mucked around with as zealously as time’s allowed.

Some notes:

  • Some of you buggers may well recall the combat engine in Shenmues 1 & 2. GH is basically that, move customization an’ all, albeit mechanically a smidgen tighter, and the useful addition of stick-assigned dodge/dashes, whiffing ever so vaguely of Punch Out!!. Under certain conditions, out come the ‘special action’ moves - backbreakers, stamping on testicles, playful ass-slapping.
    Things start out apparently pretty mundane, but there’s method in it, and I’ve personally found it on the satisfying side, albeit eventually.

  • It’s scrolling-fighter homage to the very depths of its soul. When I encountered across chicks with whips and gangly blokes with mo-hawks, my cock ripped a hole in my loincloth.

  • The ‘level up’ system is weird. More kills will up it, and will make your pugilist a tougher contender, but you’ll take more clout off hits yourself also, until you effectively reach a ‘sudden death’ state. Indeed, the game simply and amusingly calls that level “DIE”.

  • There’s some atrocious dialogue and cutscenes, but who gives a shit? They’re in English too, in this Jap version I’m running, a la B-haz 4. Import-agreeable, then, for the most part.

  • I’m playing the thing on normal, and the challenge gets brisk pretty fucking sharpish. You will learn enemy patterns, adapt your move-set (block-break moves, so far, are proving most useful), and have to replay sections when, not if, you get thumped.

  • The ‘God Reel’ specials, which really ought to be the game’s draw, are something of a moot point, as you’ll mostly find yourself saving them up for boss events (the pair of black carnival fags were first up, in the end, and are flaming beyond reason).

  • Which brings me on to this final thought - this game simply isn’t weird enough, based on what we might reasonably have been led to suspect by all the pre-release gumph. Editing is a powerful weapon indeed.

The game needs a touch more in the way of daft sound effects, big screen flashes, and panache to deliver on what I perceived its brief to be. There’s too many instances of set-emptiness, which retard the flow from reaching anything like the snappy, happy chaos of the 2D scrollers of old, or even more recent takes on the sub-genre, like Capper’s own Viewtiful Joe, or Smash Bros.

What we’ve got on our paws instead, is a pretty solid fighting game that’s actually a bit:

… rather than this gent:

… with extra ADD, which I’d have preferred, ultimately.

  • The soundtrack’s not appalling, but nowt special either, so the ‘free OST CD’ I got in the package seems a rather empty gesture.
    I am a spoiled cunt.

That lot’s for the moment, anyway - I’m nowhere near completion, and for all its faults, I can’t leave the fucker alone, so somebody got something right-ish, reckons I. Field further queries as you see fit.

Back in my box I go…

Many thanks to him.

Tried it. Didn’t like it. Was this a budget game in Japan?