God of War 2

The reviews are landing… Gamespot gave it a 9.2, and IGN similarly in the 9 range… anyone pick this up yet (it was released today) ?

Didn’t the reviews land like 6 weeks ago?

Do you honestly trust any reviews that come out that far in advance? I sure as hell don’t.

I didn’t check when the review was written, and assumed it was new.

The IGN review you refer to was posted on February 12th.

Based on what was said on the various 1up Podcasts, the game was done and sent out for official review over a month ago. Apparently this sometimes happens so that two significant news events don’t overlap too strongly. I forgot what else was supposed to be happening with Sony. Maybe it was just GDC and the Home thing.

edit: To your point, though, I preordered a while back and will be picking it up tonight. The first level demo that I played was a very pleasant more-of-the-same. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m guessing it would be wishful thinking that it actually contained a month’s worth of gameplay.

I’m still not sure if I’m going to pick it up now or wait. I enjoyed GoW 1, but it was pretty short.

It’s not out in a lot of stores right now… however, the Playstation store in San Francisco has a ton of them in.

The eb near me has at least 20 non pre order copies, and I think 12 pre order ones. The guy at eb was telling me that hard in gow2 is as hard as god mode in Gow 1.

Well, better than trusting IGN, IMO.

Oooh… maybe I’ll stop by after work and snag one. I didn’t preorder because I didn’t even have my PS2 hooked up anymore, but since I broke down and bought a PS3, I’ll give it a go. Thanks for posting. :)

Is the 2 disc set normal for Gow2, or is it a limited run for the first shipment?

Sony sent copies to all review outlets at the same time (early Feb), and told online it was okay to review them early, hence all the early reviews.

makes saving throw verses saying anything about GoW2

Demo hooked me - I’ll see if there are any at the EB and/or CompUSA on the way home from work. We’ll see how GoWII competes with Crackdown for my attention…

One of the guys at my local EBGames had his face painted like Kratos. It was scary.

What happened was that Sony apparently sent copies of God of War 2 way out in advance so the coverage wouldn’t take away from some big announcement they were making at the time GoW2 was actually shipping, which I guess is Home? For all I know they could announce a date of Killzone tomorrow. Anyway, that’s apparently why EGM and 1UP and I guess a bunch of other places had the reviews done a month ago.

Anyway, why isn’t this in my God of War 2 thread? Why you always gotta front, Kuni?

I’m tempted to go grab GoW2 tomorrow, but with now online stuff, it seems like theres no rush to grab it before the qt3ers playing the multiplayer stop in a week and a half from now as they usually do. On the other hand, if I wait until the price drops significantly, I may not be able to go back to last-gen. Even using the PS2 controller now feels awkward after using nothing but the 360 pad since November.

This has to be the most over the top game I’ve ever played. It starts out big, and just doesn’t let up. It’s almost ridiculous.

It truly is the swan song of the last generation. Everything you thought was possible when you first got your PS2, this embodies.

What a way for the generation to close…

Just wondering but does the game start off in the same place in the demo just like how it was with Gow1’s demo?

Didn’t play the demo, but this one starts in Rhodes, with the obvious boss fight one would have there.

And I agree with flyinj, this is the most over the top game I’ve seen in a long time.

Game starts off identical to the demo, with a few minor additions and changes.

Also, I am getting my ass handed to me by the Collossus on Hard mode. I just finished God difficulty in GoW1 this past weekend, but this is madness.