God of War 2

This is my biggest fault with the game as well. It’s just a bit ludicrous how disconnected the fights can feel. I often have a hard time figuring out whether or not my attacks are actually doing any damage, or if my blades are just clipping through the enemies as some canned animation takes total priority.

The cerberus mini-boss fight broke me entirely from the experience, none of my different combinations landed a stun effect, grab moves weren’t viable, and outside of spamming magic or Rage of the Titans, the whole affair was a nickel and dime tickfest with constant block parries. Given the mostly rousing quality up to that point, I really questioned how this got into the final. I spent about a dozen attempts trying multiple strategies before ultimately resigning myself to simple [] lunges with endless blocks in between, anything further was punishment. Not fun or exciting.

Hell, even before the golden fleece came around, fighting medusa’s was a total question mark.

I also hate it when developers assume masochists that play harder modes are expected to button mash with even greater ferocity, as if it was the type of challenge we desire.

MGS2 on Extreme difficulty was a mostly fantastic stealth experience…up until the torture sequence before the final boss fight. I honestly believe there isn’t a mortal gamer alive that can mash a button fast enough to survive. Anyone claiming to have beaten that difficulty is a big fat liar, or ponied up for a turbo gamepad.

I’m stuck. I’m on the Isle of the Fates, having just found Eurayle’s key (iirc). Spoilers to follow (are there spoiler tags?):

From there I have to clear out a couple of cyclops. Mo problem. Then I move indoors and eventually come to a round room. There’s large button in the middle. Directly ahead (12 oclock) is a hallway with double gates. At 3 oclock is an alcove with a gate over it. At about 1:30 is a switch that opens that gate. At 9:00 is an alcove with a switch in it. Above the 1:30 switch is a little niche up on the wall containing two chests and something you can grappble onto to get up there (after you shoot some webbing with the bow).

I have no idea what to do. I opened the gate to the right, broke a wall, killed some bad guys, and found a corpse which I Deposited in the center of the room on the button (partially opening the gates in the hall ahead). The button in the niche to the left opens the gates in those halls fully. But about a half second to a second after I get off the damn thing, they close. I thought I was somehow supposed to put the grapple to good use, but I’ve been unable to.

Break through the walls in each alcove and you’ll find a stream running through both. Place the body in one and it will float to the other alcove where you can then lay his body on the switch.

Dammit, how the hell was I supposed to figure that out? Thanks.

My problem with the fighting in Gow 2 is that they’re not really meant to be a test of your skill in the game, but as a way to fit in as many tough enemies into a single spot at a time. The final section before the third fate sister was tough and I got thru it by exploiting little bugs I found in the Ai and by mashing on the magic button.

One section I remember where I didn’t really fight but cheated my way thru it. It’s when you fight the priests for the first time, who can summon minotaurs to fight you. First time I tried fighting normally but in less then 20 seconds there were 5 minotaurs in the place killing me. So then I figured out that you could just grab attack the priest and no one can stop you. After doing that the entire fight became meaningless.

I watched the special features today and found it hilarious that they mentioned that Hades from GoW 1 was NOT PLAYTESTED.

This was followed by, “and look how that turned out.”

Obviously it was totally awesome.

So, I’m sure there’s a simpler solution for this than what I’m doing, but how in the hell do you pass that part in the elevator with the skeletons and the spikes coming down? I’ve come close to getting the door open only once. The other hundred times were nowhere near. I’ve not yelled this much at a game in a very long time.

That part was a pain, the thing to remember is that the finshing O attack is the only way to quickly kill a skeleton, or you waste more seconds attacking them. I forget what magics you have unlocked at that time but several blades of chaos combos should be enough or titan mode to quickly wear down their health to finshing status. Then it’s just a matter of quickly tapping the button to get the door open.

I abused the hell out of the lightning power. By the time I was in that area, one lighting attack would either kill skeletons or bring them within 1 or 2 hits of death.

Awesomely sucky. I usually feel happy when I finally beat a tough encounter, but all I felt after finally beating the original God of War was rage, and not the good kind. I thought it was cheap, stupid, and poorly implemented. The final battle vs Ares, that is, not the whole game, which I generally loved.

I finally passed the elevator part using a flash freeze from the Euryale head to take out each group of skeletons at once. Even then I just barely made it through the door. Definitely not my favorite action game sequence.

There are some really long, difficult battles in this game compared to the first. Most of the boss battles are great and there are more of them this time around, but I still think the mechanical Minotaur from the first one is still one of the best.

I need a place to vent for my God Of War 2 playthrough on PS now. If it is on PS now, that counts like a rerelease, right?

I have a bad feeling about this… I play it on easy, for 2 reasons: I think the QTEs will be easier and I don’t care about fighting grunt enemies longer than necessary. I just want to see what they did. I never played GoW2 before, so that will be blind.

I am not sure if I want to continue this old conversation, but I have to!

ok, what bushittery is this? I killed the coloss of rhodos, got killed by zeus, climbed up hades, and then I find myself on this place with 5-6 dead soldiers lying around. I hit R1 on a couple of them, text message pops up: just another dead soldier. OK. Lets move on, but no, nowhere to go. I swear I ran around in circles for 10 minutes jumping anywhere to find the next exit. nope.

In fact, you need to R1 the one specific dead soldier that looks like any other dead soldier. Then a cutscene happens and then the game goes on. Wow, that does not bode well.

I remember it being easier to climb out of Hades in the second game.

yes, definitely. It was pretty early in the game and not the finale. I almost hit a roadblock in the early flying section where you had to hit a raven and do a quick time event, and when you failed, repeat the section from start. I really have technical issues on PS now with QTEs and I don’t own GoW2 on my PS3 to switch over.

so far nothing spectacular report on the GoW2 front. I changed the position and orientation of my router, and suddenly I get the dwonload speed on my PC, that I am billed by my provider. Before that I could not reach 130 MBit/s. I was something like 50 MBit/s

So this was on my PC/notebook wifi. I checked the PS4 playstation network settings, and it has a speed test. But best that I can do is like 20 MBit/s. Disappointing. Signal strength is around 80 % because the PS4 is tucked away in a corner.

However, the PSNow experience improved, no sound stuttering or noticable input lag as before. I even could do some trickier QTEs now. I think the speedtest is not reliable. So I tested download speed with downloading a game. I only got 30 Mbit/s

However, I checked download speed on my PC via steam, and there I was limited to 15 Mbit/s But Steam will give you the access speed to your hard drive, and that was the limiting factor there.

To make a long story short, bandwith on my PSNow is not great, but not terrible.

That was the second time I got stuck on a puzzle. The first time maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention, could be. I was shooting down those skeletons, didn’t notice that one dropped down, and you could pick him up with R1. Had to look it up. And you only see a short part of the canal, you never get the idea that it is bending. Maybe a couple of feet visible.

But the second puzzle was again involving a dead body. In this cave with the two canals, they somehow float in a circle, don’t tell me how the canal water does it.

I dropped the dead body by accident in one canal, and it floated away. I restarted the checkpoint. I need the body on the other side of the cave, but somehow that Kratos guy is not strong enough to throw him over a spiked fence.

So I looked it up, and the solution was, drop the dead body in the canal and it will appear on the other side, meaning the canal water is rotating constantly.

I don’t have patience for these kind of puzzles. I have a feeling that I will get stuck for a third time. At least they are not of the kind of stupid timing puzzle like in GoW1

Some minor annoyances in something I would call water temple, where you had to swim through a gate just perfect before it closed. It was doable after 5 times which is pretty good (compared to some sections in GoW1 which I tried 20 times).

I play on easy to not get annoyed by combat kill boxes. Even on easy some fights took longer than they should. I played GoW1 on normal, it feels the same. Maybe they increased the difficulty in GoW2 a bit.