God of War (PS4)

You don’t need to play any of the previous god of war games to enjoy Dad of War. It’s sublime.

Too late! I already finished the first three. I should have listened to you and skipped to Dad of War instead of finishing the terrible GoW3. It’s the only one in the series I didn’t enjoy, and I kept thinking it would give me some kind of context as to what the big picture story is with regards to Kratos. But no, GoW3 is just a generic by-the-numbers sequel of no value. I’ll definitely play Dad of War eventually, but I think I’ll need more time to wash GoW3 from my brain.

Me no understand. Is the God of War coming to PC also known as Dad of War??


Also, don’t be sorry. Be better.


Right. But this way those of us who haven’t played the game got the joke too. Thanks Forge! :)

True. ;)

I cracked up at that more than I should have

All the Sony studios at some point started recreating memes with their game characters and it’s just the best dumb thing.

So amazing.

Isn’t it Dad of Boy?

Ah - it’s one of those things where the new title just uses the original title from the first game in the series, because why would that be confusing?

And there’s a little redhead with a bow! I take it it’s alternate Horizon Zero Dawn?

It’s very different. GoW is a melee combat game in more of a hub based map. It’s not open world it’s more Dark Souls or early 3D Zelda in map design. You also don’t play as the kid but the Dad.

Not sure if this is my thing but I’m glad it’s happening.

Now get it on Gamepass :)

“Don’t turn off your system when saving”

Launches on PC Jan 14.