God of War (PS4)

Seems like they’ve made some big changes from the previous games though. All new control scheme, new weapon set, story looks more human with the father son stuff etc.

Sure that’s not Assassin’s Creed?

same now, too ;)

The reviews are live and the general impression is very positive.

I did not expect it to have unlocked framerate. I wonder how it runs though. Inconsitent 30-60 is generally more annoying than 30. But if locked 30 here still drops, that would be annoying too.

Good lord, it’s the number one game in 2018. I didn’t see that coming. I thought it would score well (you can sort of tell it’s going to be a really good game, like how Horizon Zero Dawn looked leading to it’s review embargo) but goodness. I pre-ordered this just because the reviews got me to looking into it, and the story sounds great, but also the big open exploration and the crafting system tickles me as well.

After reading the glowing review of this game on Polygon this morning, this is definitely going on my wishlist for 2019.

Is this a series I can pick up with this installment, or is it recommended I play the earlier games?

I doubt it matters a huge deal, I haven’t played GoW since the second one myself, let alone all the other non-numbered titles.

That said, I’m going to watch this video I came across earlier at some point before release.

Just watched it and it’s a great little summary. I’m pretty pumped to find out what the fuck happened after what looks like the ending of the last one.

That video was a hot mess. After a few minutes on Wikipedia, I learned there are three main titles in the series, GoW1-3. The other four titles in the series (three of which were released for mobile devices…) explore Kratos’ life before GoW1 and fill in some gaps between GoW1 and GoW2.

I remember playing GoW1 and 2 on the PS2. GoW3 was released for the PS3, so I didn’t get to play that one because I never owned a PS3. I avoided the mobile ones like the plague that they surely are. Anyway, below are the plot synopsis of GoW1-3 from Wikipedia.

The no camera cuts choice, where the game always stay with your character, sounds very intriguing. I loved how that impacted my experience when watching Victoria (2015), so I’m seriously considering finally pulling the trigger and picking up a PS4 to play this (and Bloodborne for different reasons). Apparently the game director left Sony shortly after God of War 2 shipped and had been pitching this “one shot” idea for Avalanche’s Mad Max project and later one of the Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider games, but couldn’t get the support.

So it’s like Half-Life? :)

I’m considering getting this but I didn’t really get on that well with the remaster of 3 (only got a couple of hours in) so I’m not sure if I’ll like it. Maybe I should give 3 another go first? I didn’t play 1 or 2.

Agh, that’s a good point, Profanicus!

I guess I’m just excited about staying with a character, and seeing them emote and interact across a big adventure without ever cutting. This reboot was written by two of the guys behind Anachronox and Lost Planet 3, both which are games with storytelling ambitions that are executed in a way that are a shade more interesting than most others in their respective genres.

Haha I don’t mean to rain on the parade! It’s great to be excited. :D

It’s better to start fresh here in my opinion. He was a loathsome, vile character to me in all the previous games.

Yeah, I couldn’t stand Kratos. I played a bit of the first one but never came close to finishing it. I’m mostly interested in the reboot because of the Norse setting and the fact that people who didn’t like the previous games (the Waypoint crowd, The Guardian reviewer) are saying he’s a great character this time around.

Bah! I desperately want this but I’m in the middle of several other games. Any idea how long of a game this will be. I know very little about it except what I’ve seen in this thread and having played 1 back in the day.

I think the IGN review said about 25 hours, which sort of blew my mind. He wrote in the review that he put 10-15 hours in after beating it to keep playing/exploring in the world, but I don’t know if that’s included in the 25 hour figure, or if really has near 40 hours into the game?

EDIT - A quick Google search shows a Gamespot article saying 25-35 hours

Really. That’s surprising. Most non-open-world, story-heavy games seem to only go about half that.