God of War (PS4)


Make sure you’re spending your XP to upgrade moves and the kid. Keep in mind things like headshots with the axe at range make a difference. Some early upgrade moves will be immediately lethal on standard enemies if you can pull them off. And use Runic spells to help manage multiple enemies.


Ah I checked and I was still on difficulty 3. Maybe I died before the game saved after I changed it.


I put in a few hours today, pretty much agree with Murbella playing on the 3rd difficulty. Fights take forever since I’m just whittling down their health the whole time. I hope Kratos trips over a whetstone soon. I’d knock the difficulty down if not for the fact that I’m clearly getting better and that it’s pretty satisfying to overcome some of the hard fights, but I dislike having to love tap enemies to death.


This I strongly disagree with.


One thing is true: is easy to miss one upgrade path.

I am watching a streamer play, and he still have the first atreu talisman for the bow (the wolves one) and it sucks.



I never played the other Gods of War games but with this one, it took me 30 minutes to get used to the combat and on balanced, I’m having a nice challenge with a few deaths against multiples of the more difficult enemies. but overall not a lot of trouble with combat.

But, yes, hit square constantly for the kid to use his bow and other attacks. Use Rune stuff whenever they are ready, stay back and throw the axe at times, lose the axe and go fists at times.

I did not think I would like this as I generally don’t like these kinds of games and I’m pretty bad at them but this one is really cool.


I throw the axe a lot. Like, a lot. Over half the encounters I probably cheese by… throwing the axe exclusively. It’s really good. I also have the Rune that increases thrown axe damage a bit.

Troll? Axe to the face. A lot. Like 200 times. Sure, no problem. Three draugr? Please. Axe to the face, axe to the face, axe to the face, dodge, dodge, axe to the, oops, wall behind the draugr, but the summon back hit him from behind anyway. Rinse and repeat.


The return axe animation is so satisfying! I was relying on it so much that my basic combat skills had atrophied to the point of being worthless, so I’ve been forcing myself to hit square, R1, R2, and the odd L1 shieldbash every now and then out of fear the game might introduce an enemy that’s immune to ranged axe attacks to mix things up down the line.


Or get the skill that lets you paint the targets by holding R1 and just dance while the axe does the work.


Nah, you punch them WHILE the axe is flying around.

The hardest fight I’ve had in this game is one of the fire challenges where you need to fight multiple guys, and if any of them are alive, the others respawn after a few seconds… So you need to kill them all within a few seconds of each other.


That was such a tricky fight. Getting the timing right so the last two enemies can be dispatched back-to-back was pretty frustrating. When I finished, I was still missing two ash components for the upgrade I wanted, so it was time to put the game down for a bit.



I have it, but it’s kinda slow to target and does disappointing damage. Better an R2 TO THE FACE.


The Talisman of Betrayal that slows time on an R3 button press will help with that targeting ;)


I managed to get through all the arenas in the lavaworld, and now I face the *censored*. This game is cool.


I have to say this impressed me.


Is a okay idea. Really, the world- between-worlds breaks too easy and then you see is a loading screen. Everywhere else, probably helps raise the odds.


Finally got my delayed copy from Amazon last night, it’s really good. Really, really fun so far, though I started on Normal difficulty and was getting my ass kicked in the first fight where you are introduced to a heavier version of the early enemy. Jeez. It was fine one on one but then a second and a third one with a few extra guys thrown in started appearing and I’d just drop to now health from making a few bad choices/old man brain. So easy it is then, and I haven’t had any problems since. Of course, now I’ve upgraded my weapon/armor and picked up a few skills since and it might be too easy so I feel like that one fight was maybe a little on the ridiculous side.

Holy shit, 4K HDR for this is so purdy! I haven’t seen any frame rate issues either, so they either got fixed in patches since pre-launch or they were exaggerated? I’m sure 60fps will be even nicer and not look too different from 4K so I’ll give that a try tonight.


Some of the fights I’m running into now are getting ridiculously hard, but not in a bad way… just that they require a good deal more than button mashing. They’re also purely optional, like closing rifts, etc. But man, fighting 2 epic werewolves at the same time in fairly tight quarters can be rough.