God of war: what happened to the titans? what's the secret revealed?

ok had a ton of fun (and about 400 lbs of controller throwing frustration) with god of war. but there’s no way i am going to be able to beat god mode. so can anyone tell me what the two unlockables reveal?

and any tips on beating level 8 of challenge of the gods? no matter how much i roll and smash i wind up either dying (10%) or getting turned to stone and then getting smashed when a lucky undead starts his attack just as i get changed to stone (90%).

For the mission, best thing you can do, is to keep roll dodging, as long as your moving they can’t turn you to stone, and avoid jumping whenever possible. Try to focus on each one, one at a time. Do you want me to tell you what the 2 unlockable movies are about?

How do you unlock the extra playable levels?

yes, please.

beat the game on any difficutly and under “treasures” on the main menu you get a “challenge of the gods” option. they vary in fun and frustration level.

Oops, I didn’t even see that. When I finished the game on normal, at the end I destryoed the two statues in the throne rooms, but I don’t know what they unlocked.

looking it up on google it says somethings about a secret message that is a phone number, which when you call, plays a message saying you’re cool.


I don’t remember what order you unlock them but here’s the gist of the 3 unlockable movies.


  1. Kratos is at his mother’s deathbed, when shes about to tell him a big secret. But she’s been cursed never to say it so she turns into a monster which kratos has to kill. When shes about to die she reveals that kratos is the son of zeus, and he’s pissed off at him for doing that to his mother.

  2. Kratos had a brother in spartia, but because he was weaker then kratos at the time , he was sent to the mountains to die. Which he did and ended up in hades where he became a very powerful warrior who resents kratos. And wants to take revenge on him.

  3. (This one is harder to fully explain) Takes place modern day where a helicoper of explorers have found a mysterous temple, on top of a giant skeleton which they’re planning on exploring to see what mysteries are inside. ( Not really sure what’s going to happen there.)

Yeah there are 2 numbers, one you get for god mode which reveals what happened to ares,

____________spoiler again

Kratos couldn’t kill ares, so instead theres a door behind the throne in the final scene of gow. Inside that door is the soul of Ares.
The other one is david jaffe talking to kratos, pissing him off so kratos beats the crap out of jaffe.

cool, thanks!

i can already see the second movie, so i think that unlocked with the beating on gow on easy. hopefully the others will be hosted on the net somewhere so i can view them.