God returns

Fowler returns to Liverpool

Pffft, anyone who doesnt follow football won’t understand, but at an emotional level I’m chuffed to bits.


I love those endearing veddy british colliquialisms


I follow football and I have no idea who this guy is…oh you mean soccer.

Reading the title, I was like, goddammit it’s the rapture and here I am enjoying “Don’t.Pull.Out.2.DVDrip.Xvid.XCiTE.avi” and eating bread made from the bones of christian children. Guess I know how the almighty really feels about porno, cause I didn’t hear no trumpets. Not over the inarticulate bellows of a fat heavily tattooed homeless guy depositing millions of greasy spermatazoa inside a HIV+ stripper.

Actually, come to think of it, just glad I wasn’t turned into a pillar of salt.

Wasn’t he injured for a ridiculously long time when in Manchester City? He completely dropped off the radar, but I don’t see him adding much to a Liverpool offense.

He’s back on a free transfer though, right? Imagine if they manage to afford Michael Owen too, not that it would be useful to any extent to Liverpool, because I don’t really see why they’d waste money to transfers like this. Owen leaves a lot to be desired with Newcastle.