God Takes the Queen: The Second Elizabethan Age Ends

A monumental chapter in British history closes as the queen passes away at 96. She had 15 Prime Ministers, starting with ol’ Winston himself and squeezing in LIz Truss just two days ago. Her watch included Beetlemania and the British Invasion, Harry Potter, James Bond, Doctor Who, and so much more. And her family fueled the mainstream media machine for decades. So, rest in peace, Elizabeth.

And it’s on you now, Chuck.

What a run. RIP.

Seventy years, surely?

Yeah, my math sucks.

This is something.

Now that’s playing the long game.

RIP Lizzie

But does he have any dragons to back that claim?

That is a remarkable run. I was really thinking she would make it to 100.

Just think how many orders we’ll lose from the drop in legitimacy! At least she had some good cogomens we can get bonuses from.

Did Truss just reveal that Charles is going to go by Charles III?

That would be bold.

Third time’s the charm.

BBC announcers are saying that, yeah, looks like it’s King Charles III.

Refresher on Charles II

I was hoping for King Ralph, but whatever.

She was on track, but then she found out she’d have to meet with Liz Truss every week and, like many in such a position would, she simply lost the will to live.

(I’ll show myself out)

Given the history, Charles III is a weird choice. But I guess he’s used to the name after 73 years.