God Takes the Queen: The Second Elizabethan Age Ends

Just think of all the people she met: Churchill and Chaplin, Nehru and Nixon, Duke Ellington and Lady Gaga, Yuri Gargarin and Stephen Hawking, Mayor Daley and Miley Cyrus, Agatha Christie and Margaret Atwood, Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela, Idi Amin and Donald Trump, etc. etc. etc. And of course, an endless stream of less famous folk … I suppose one consolation of facing the end would be, At least I won’t have to meet any more new people.

Technically yes. But the King is Charles so …

I’ll join my fellow Irish, Kenyan, Palestinian, Zimbabwean, South Africa and so on and so forth in my sad lament. Accepting Liz Truss was too much even for the old German.

Only a few hours, but I’m already sick of hearing talking heads trotting out the same comments about the “consequences” of this event and speculating about what will happen (as if it hasn’t been planned out in minute detail for years).

But my SO eats this stuff up, so… sigh.

I want two holidays in September.

So Queen Elizabeth dies within 72 hours of Liz Truss assuming office. Is Labor blaming her for the Queen’s death, or does British politics still have some class?

There’s an argument that it’s just setting the bar really low.

Wait, Charles II wasn’t bad, right? Just Charles I, uh, ended badly.

Also, really bold would be naming himself Mary III.

I mean, his reign (Charles III) could potentially see the break-up of the UK depending on what happens with the Irish & Scottish situations.

Charles II had a very happy reign. Like VERY happy, if you get my drift, nudge-nudge. Like a dozen illegitimate children, but no legitimate heir to succeed him, and so his brother got the crown on his death.

Also that whole “kicked out of the country for a decade by Cromwell” thing but yes, there’s still room for Charles III to do worse certainly.

What’s a little Restoration among Lord Protectors…

You may remember that Reggie Jackson attempted to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II on a goodwill tour of Los Angeles, but was foiled by LA’s Police Squad and opera star Enrico Pallazzo. And yet he still claims his innocence… Or perhaps he means his innocence this time.

I just checked BBC America and they are currently airing episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Ya damn right. This is America. We bow to no queens.

On the flipside CNN is all Queen Elizabeth 24/7.

Two more years and we’d have taken Louis XIV.

From the top…