Goddamn weather!


cannot read a peititon that was resubmitted

What did it say?

That the British Prime Minister had eaten the sun. You’d have to have been paying attention to the weather there lately to understand.


Yes, it was a petition to the PM to “give us back the sun”.

The full text was that the PM had eaten the sun as a mad form of punishment to the British people, and that we want it back before he digests it.

In my defence, it’s goddamn cold and wet.

Are you guys building an ark yet?

They’re discussing it. We’ll have it by 2012, no problem.

I think the PM parked the sun over my house. It hasn’t rained for like 2 months (not more than a splash here and there), we have water restrictions in town, and everyone’s lawn is varying shades of brown. The grass is really noisy when you walk over it. I’ll trade you some clouds and rain for some of our sun.