GodHood - from the makers of Reus

I think a fair amount of people enjoyed Reus, and this looks, well it looks pretty cool actually, cool and cute.

They also made Renowned Explorers: International Society which Tom liked a lot.

I had lots of fun with both their games and have high hopes for this one. And I’m very happy they’ve gone for a new name after Reus and RE:IS.

I own that game. I kind of liked Curious Expedition a little more, but I haven’t gone far with Renowned yet. I do own though.

Edit: disregard my negativity.

I tried out Curious Expedition in beta and didn’t quite get on with it, while I’ve played RE:IS to death.

Agreed that the teaser trailer didn’t tell us much. It looks more like a city builder than Populous though, to me, and also more personal in your connection with your key followers.

Day One for me.

Can’t wait as well. Those guys are so smart.
RE:IS is a quite hardcore rogueliKe, and isn’t about exploring at all, but if that doesn’t turn you off, anybody should give it a chance (or a chance, again)! It’s a rare game that just keeps on giving as you delve into it and understand how it works (and how its lore works!).
Those guys are so smart!

That looks interesting. I’ll be keeping an eye on this.

Curious expedition is also rogue like, if you’re using that term like I think you are. That difference though is like Reus, it’s more puzzle like whereas Curious is more exploratory. It’s that puzzle like component of their games that can really turn people off mid to end game.

I kind of like the idea behind their games better than I have liked playing them, but I’m hopeful about this. They’re always inventive and beautiful!

Thanks Nesrie, for posting this thread! And for everyone following along, we’re about to go into Kickstarter with Godhood. We have a lot more to tell over on our community site, but feel free to ask around here as well and I’ll try to answer as much as possible.

Cheers from the Abbey,

-Joni (Producer)

Cool, but please post a reminder for the Kickstarter (Jan 30th) back here if possible. I’ll try to remember and some other forum member will likely post, but I’d hate to miss out on it.

Reus and Renowned Explorers are both stellar games, I will definitely back this. My memory isn’t great though, so like belouski I would really appreciate anyone posting in the thread when it launches.

The kickstarter is live now:

Thanks for the heads up. Haven’t backed something since battletech!

69 hours to save 5 euros in the early bird special. I was tempted to pay the non-early bird price.

They’ll be streaming the alpha at 10AM PT

Backed it, loved Reus and Renowned Explorers.

I so want this to be good. Seems like every game I back along these lines ends up a dud, maybe I’m cursed? Should I sit this one out?

Yes, sounds like it! :)

Can I back this vicariously through you, Scott? :)