GodHood - from the makers of Reus

Just recently found out about this game so I’m glad I get to participate in the kickstarter. Most of the time I find out about a cool kickstarter after it’s already closed. Loved Renowned Explorers so I’m excited to see where this goes.

Cutting it close; about 5% from the goal with 68 hours to go.

They will make it, the last day always gets kickstarters near the goal, over the edge.

They made it. I hope they do very well with it.

They still have several hours to go and stretch goals, so not done done but they hit their mark.

As mentioned one post above in three weeks Godhood will enter Early Access.

Here is the last beta gameplay stream from before that. Looks pretty neat despite a huge amount of place holder assets.

I liked Reus but actively disliked Renowned Explorers. The indirect combat in Godhood looks much less tiresome and grindy.
I really enjoy the focus on building a small set of characters with specific traits and strengths, classes and directions. They will found bloodlines and develop over time.

Backer keys went out, check your email.

Oh it’s early access… Got excited yesterday when I saw it in the Monkey’s wallet threat thread.

I played about 2.5 hours of it and generally like it. I enjoy the style and design of some of their core concepts and the game as a whole. Indirect fights, management of a couple of memorable (aging and rotating) characters and an already diverse class system are all fun.

The game somewhat lacks in interaction and content in some areas. As usual with EA that doesn’t mean too much for the final product but it certainly prevents me from giving a full recommendation right now. Their previous games always were chock full of content so I’m expecting they will deliver on that but there is no guarantee.

My current verdict is: Wait. But keep it on your wishlist, it has some promise.

Monthly updates so far:

Features in the new Create your own Religion update:

I like that they’re adding more to do on the strategy layer, that had been quite bland previously.

I kickstarted this, and I really like what Abbey do, so I hope that it keeps rolling forwards!

Some sad news, Abbey games are scoping down:

I bounced off Godhood when it first came out in Early Access, but will give it another go at release. It’s a real shame the company is struggling so much, I really loved Reus and Renowned Explorers.

They are too smart for this market. It’s heartbreaking, they are some of the few individuals I bought anything they did.

That sucks, they’re a great developer. I’d been waiting for Godhood to get out of Early Access to purchase but under the circumstances the least I can do is kick them a few bucks.

It’s all my fault. Clearly I have cursed another Kickstarter.

I did the same thing, and thought I would do myself a favor and let it finish baking before trying again. Their games are very puzzle like.

And yeah, this is a real shame.

I thought they did well with Renowned Explorers. I guess Reus got them in debt?

I thought Reus was… first. If Renowned did well it didn’t do well enough to recover?

Comparing their review counts, Reus is about the same as Invisible Inc, which did poorly for Klei. RE is only half that number. So I guess their sales may have been ok for a tiny company, but not enough to sustain 8 people.