GodHood - from the makers of Reus

If you’re not strapped for cash, and it’s going to make their goal, no reason not to wait for the actual release. Burning out with KS is certainly understandable.

I’m okay throwing them money, I just want to help instead of harm, you know? Getting worried I have whatever the opposite of the Midas touch is. :)

stares mournfully at Clockwork Empires icon

I think a lot of us mourned that one, fortunately, I didn’t actually back it. KS has such a big base and word of mouth spreads easily for most campaigns and they have game sunder their belt… I’d be surprised if they didn’t get their goal.

Going slow, at 50% or so now.

Its only been 6 days. :)

And it looks like they took the weekend off.

Sure, but not a huge hit. I hope they make it!

I wanted to post a quick thank you to everyone here that’s supporting the Kickstarter, be it through backing or spreading the word (or refraining from cursing us with the reverse Midas touch ;)). Thanks, people! Since you’ve been watching us, here’s a quick update on the campaign:

We’ve just surpassed the 66.66…% mark of our funding (appropriately by 2 people upgrading to the $666 tier). Like Jorn mentioned we had a very slow period around the 50% mark, but the Social Stretch Gods are helping us out of there. We’re still keeping our fingers crossed for the final stretch. Any help is appreciated, so if you know other people that might be interested in Godhood, it would be great if you could let them know.

If there are any more questions about the game, let me know. And perhaps it’s good to know that we’ll host another Twitch stream of a new build in the last 48 hours of the campaign.

-Manuel (Gameplay/AI Programmer)

Well dang, Reverse Midas here is really torn on what to do now!

I’m gonna roll the dice and back the Kickstarter. Sorry in advance if one of your team is abducted by aliens or your office washes away in a giant flood or something.

Much appreciated, KevinC! I’m sure we will be fiiiii…

Well dang it. I didn’t make it even through Feb before doing a KS on a video game which I kind of said I probably wouldn’t do this year… but well here I am, pledging. I feel like I am rolling the dice too.

I should clarify this has more to do with Kickstarter as a platform for video games than AbbeyGames. I spread the word on my minimal social media presence.

Just recently found out about this game so I’m glad I get to participate in the kickstarter. Most of the time I find out about a cool kickstarter after it’s already closed. Loved Renowned Explorers so I’m excited to see where this goes.

Cutting it close; about 5% from the goal with 68 hours to go.

They will make it, the last day always gets kickstarters near the goal, over the edge.

They made it. I hope they do very well with it.

They still have several hours to go and stretch goals, so not done done but they hit their mark.

As mentioned one post above in three weeks Godhood will enter Early Access.

Here is the last beta gameplay stream from before that. Looks pretty neat despite a huge amount of place holder assets.

I liked Reus but actively disliked Renowned Explorers. The indirect combat in Godhood looks much less tiresome and grindy.
I really enjoy the focus on building a small set of characters with specific traits and strengths, classes and directions. They will found bloodlines and develop over time.

Backer keys went out, check your email.

Oh it’s early access… Got excited yesterday when I saw it in the Monkey’s wallet threat thread.

I played about 2.5 hours of it and generally like it. I enjoy the style and design of some of their core concepts and the game as a whole. Indirect fights, management of a couple of memorable (aging and rotating) characters and an already diverse class system are all fun.

The game somewhat lacks in interaction and content in some areas. As usual with EA that doesn’t mean too much for the final product but it certainly prevents me from giving a full recommendation right now. Their previous games always were chock full of content so I’m expecting they will deliver on that but there is no guarantee.

My current verdict is: Wait. But keep it on your wishlist, it has some promise.