Gods and Heroes : Rome Rising


The E3 trailers for this look amazing. It almost looks like a solo RPG set in Roman mythology. I had thought at one point this was being touted as an MMOG? The website still says it’s an “online game”, but all the descriptions make it sound as if you simply lead around a party of NPCs while playing. Is it like a Roman Guild Wars, where henchmen supply the party needs that you lack? Can you add other PCs to your party?

Anyone have any hands-on experience with it? I’m insanely curious about this game now…

Apparently the game has undergone some changes in development. I found a few “previews” that were nearly a year old and had release dates of Feb/Mar of this year. But I was able to find a pretty decent preview and interview at IGN that was dated April 2006 and has current info on the game for those others who may be curious.

Anyone else with info to share please do so! The larger NPC combats sound pretty cool, like being at “ground level” in a game of Rome:TW.

It needed to have some “changes” in development, I think… the early screens looked awful. More recent stuff is leagues nicer.

I had never heard of this one, but the screens look nifty. The game sounds nice too, so hopefully the revamp doesn’t delay it too long.