Gods and Monsters (from the makers of AC Odyssey)

Gods & Monsters is due on February 25th, 2020.

They might have just given me a reason to never try out AssCreed Odyssey!

So so in on this. Every bit I’ve seen so far makes me want to go to there.

Yep, so keen for this too!

Seems kinda laid back compared to the AssCreed series.

I didn’t really understand the appeal from that trailer at all. Looks like a cartoony art style mixed with God of War’s grizzly violence set in a bright and sunny grassland.

I love the artwork. Definitely interested.

So…Zelda. Which is what I want.

They shouldn’t have gone with that art style - looks too much like the last Zelda.
And the hero looks Link-ish.

I dare say that’s the point.

(I think thats the point though.)

Jinx! I owe HumanTon a Coke now!



Ruder: attributing words to me I didn’t type.

But it’s so blatant. Wasn’t Okami Zeldaish? And Sphinx which is coming to BC was also pretty Zelda-like. Darksiders, too, come to think of it - but none of these games looked exactly like any Zelda game.

I abnegate any responsibility for technical mishaps.

And so too are Yonder and My Time At Portia, in varying ways.

And both moved a lot of units, despite being indie games.

I’m certainly interested enough in the world-building this team did in Ancient Greece to see what they’ve got here.

What they all share: a way for PC/other console owners who can’t find anything that interests them enough to buy a Switch other than Zelda to be able to play a Zelda-alike on PC/PS4/XBone.

True. Even with my complaining, I’d probably buy it (if only because I don’t have a Switch…yet).

I daresay anything even vaguely cartoony should try to look as good as BOTW does. I could see it with the environments here, but the bug-eyed uncanny valley abominations need to go.

Reminds me a lot of mobile game ads/intro videos, like the ones from clash of clans.

It turns me off because of that, even though a different part of my brain is saying, “but that’s REAL dumb, boss.”

In any case, it’s all about the gameplay in the end. I got through the look of Dwarf Fortress, I’ll get through anything.

Never played any Zelda games. Never owned a Nintendo. Never had any desire to play Zelda games. Love AC: Odyssey. Am very mixed on this one, from what I’ve seen.