Gods and Monsters (from the makers of AC Odyssey)

Other than the art style, I don’t know why anyone would be hyped or down on this. The trailer is nothing but a showcase for the art style.

Delayed to sometime next Ubisoft fiscal year (April 2020 to March 2021) per investor call announcement.

Primarily due to underperformance of Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

I’m sure this exposes me as a rube with no business savvy whatsoever, but why would you delay releasing a game that could possibly make you money just because some other game failed to make you as much money as you hoped?

“We built our entire product range core models around grinding and overpriced microtransactions and no one falls for that shit any more”

Was this also going to be microtransaction heavy?

Eh, for all we know it’s a good covering excuse for them to delay a game to a more realistic time frame that missed some ambitious project deadlines.

And it’s UBI, so there will be DLC and purchase-able hatbands because that’s what they do.

And now we know the real reason behind the delay: a re-brand.