Gods & Heroes Beta Signups


This is the mythological MMORPG being made by Perpetual, and allows you to have NPCs to round out your party when you’re playing solo. Note: Perpetual is also making the upcoming Star Trek MMO.

Thanks for the heads up, registered.

Why is that there’s tons of beta sign ups for MMOs but not for games that might actually not be the same repetitive click mashing?

They’ve been accepting signups for this for a long time, there was even a “priority access code” in Massive Magazine at one point. Yet there still doesn’t seem to actually BE a beta. At one point this game had a June release date. Don’t think that’s going to happen. The forums don’t really give any decent indication of what stage they are currently at (although I haven’t check since last week, so maybe that’s changed very recently?).

I really want to see this game published, but after following it for 2 years I’m starting to think it’s not going to see the light of day.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this for a while, since I love MMORPGS and pet classes (and since you control a whole passel of minions, it seems this game is nothing BUT pet classes). It seems they have been extrordinarily late, even by MMORPG standards, in going to Beta. The forums there are fairly worthless, but maybe four months ago there was a post from a guy who had been invited into “Beta2” detailing how they had been invited (a small group of 50 or so people), and were told they would get into the game “soon” but had waited months with no response from Perpetual about actually getting in to play the game. He whined in the hopes of stirring up the pot and pointing out how the game was really not as far along as has been claimed.

I talked to a friend in the industry who said he didn’t know much about the game other than he thought the artwork was all done in Eastern Europe, and that they might have to ship before the end of the year regardless as to the state of the game (i.e., the venture capitalists are pushing it out the door).

I’ll say that even though I’m really interested in the game, the latest screenshots I saw were pretty unimpressive - the character models looked to be pasted on top of the backgrounds (from this article - one pic I’m thinking of is this one - others are here or here). The UI I’ve seen in screenshots is always described as “preliminary” and the battle movies I’ve seen look decent, but not overwhelming. The website does have some pretty impressive maps of the game’s zones though - unfortunately the information presented there makes it look so much like your standard EQ/WoW/Diku MMORPG. The only differentiation they have in my eyes is the minion aspect: the more like a Pokeman “collect em all” they can make it, the more different it’ll be, and the more chance they have to carve out a niche. So I’m hoping they play onto that strength as opposed to the “Maximus! Go kill me 10 boar heads so I may feed the legion!”

So while my hopes are that this can be an enjoyable game, my fear is that it’ll launch, be buggy or unfinished, make a small splash, and then fade away to take its place in the pantheon of failed MMORPGS.

I work right upstairs from the Perpetual guys in San Francisco. I have one old friend who works there, on Star Trek Online. But I know nothing about Gods & Heroes (my friend didn’t mention it in the one lunch I had with him), there’s not a whole lot of energy on the elevator in the mornings, I don’t get a strong Wowee! feeling from it all.

This looks really cool. At first I was disheartened that they let you only have 4 minions because from the description it seemed like you might be commanding a small army. Then I saw a post in the forums how it was really 8 minions. Much better then 4, but still not an army. Still though it will be cool to play a game where you can make a lot of tactical decisions instead of hammering a few keys over and over.

I suppose a big factor will be how good or bad the minion AI is. The graphics are very nice too. I wonder how much diversity there will be in minion looks as well. It wouldn’t be very fun to be in a city and see hordes of clones running around.

Is there a source with a lot more detail about the game, like what the main classes do, IE: Whats a gladiator do vs a soldier, and how does your class (or does it?) affect your minions?

I got one of the Massive Beta sign-ups months ago and have not heard a peep. I am assuming those are still good.

The graphics are meh but the animations look fantastic. Well, the death animations anyways. Kind of makes me want to get allies killed just to see how they die.

A neat aspect is that if your cool enough you can get sub-humans to join your “army.” I believe minotaurs and centaurs are possible.

Gods and Heroes is just a myth? Well, that would explain the lack of enthusiasm at Perpetual:

Sssh. NDA’s are bad enough. You’ll have them putting Fake Enthusiasm clauses into their employee contracts if you keep this up.


Been waiting for this to finally make it out for a while. I really liked what I saw at the last two E3’s and I think that controlling minions during combat is a welcome yet accessible change form the standard/boring combat engines we see in MMO’s to date.

Are you the same guy who complains about having to push arcade buttons over and over to shoot things in shmups? Please die.

Now I ask you: Is that really necessary? I mean, really, a little civility wouldn’t hurt.

I can’t believe that any tech worker is chipper in the morning.