Gods Will Fall at some point

I don’t want to plaster the Action Rogue Like thread anymore, this game needs a place.
Again I spent 3-4 hours last night without making a dent to the gods (however, they will fall!)

I noticed that the enemies change during a run for the same level. Not sure what triggers it, maybe the class/weapon combination will adjust the level. I was under the impression, that the enemies stay the same, but that’s not true anymore.

I must have sunk 10-15 hrs into the game since I bought it last week. And I still don’t know which class I like most. In the screenshot you see all 3 types: heavy, middle and lightweight.

The heavys are slow, but come with a good punch and extra healthpoints. My best run was 8/10 gods.

Every enemy has the potential to kill you, especially when you start a run.
I learned, if a dungeon is too hard, I leave the guy behind and come back later for rescue (if I can make progress somewhere else).

fall damage is a thing.

ha, didn’t know that PS4 sharing is so easy.

the final blow against Kegan was in red color, so he is gone and cannot be rescued. Usually the huge fattys in this area are not an issue, and they can be parried.

Parry is important, it is the best way to get health back. However, when your health fills up (dark red), you need to stand still and hit L2 to get the HP back and some rage. Sometimes, you do not have the time for this procedure or you hit L2 and it does not trigger because you were moving. I died a lot because I could not get a break to hit L2.

I picked this one up the other day on discount (despite the lackluster reviews), because I like the look, theme, and genre, and a challenge. I have only 106 minutes of playtime and have yet to defeat a god, so I’m not as seasoned as @newbrof. But this game is hard. Like I said, that’s a plus in my book!

I’m looking forward to more crying by those clan members outside the lair as another member fails to return!

It is hard, harder than a souls game, because to get your healing you have to fight. So if you are low on health, you have to beat the crap out of an enemy or parry (to get more health back).

In this game, Strength STR+1 really means something. Also, look for item bags. Some of them are food (healing) or buffs or tools like traps, throwing knifes etc.

Learned something new today about gravity and rotten ships.
This new run with 8 (actually 7) heroes looks to be going somewhere. 2 Gods down, the fish monster and the boar. The levels currently are not cluttered with enemies. Doable.

I wasted a burial fe. You can use this at a special site and an old hag will appear, then I remembered she will trade flesh for steel. I passed. I only have 7 guys left and pretty good steel already.

For reference, my playlist. I will try to get it done in under 100 videos. Each video either is a dead hero or a dead god, I only have 15 min per video max on PS4. If all heroes are dead, a new run will begin.

Krannus is a special case. You can use this dungeon to give your heroes new skills, 2 random skills actually. If you can make it to the pillars of skill giving wisdom. If you go too early into Krannus, you can find yourself losing a couple of guys to some heavy hitting goats gefore getting to the pillars of skill giving wisdom. But some of the skills are really worth it.

And then when you skilled up one guy, do you go to the boss or do you let him “fail” the dungeon and go send in another one for skilling him up, too. How many of your guys do you want to send into this dungeon without fighting the boss?

We have a similar situation with Boss Morrigan. You can level up your weapons, smith them up I say. Do you do this for 1, 2 or 3 guys? At some point you need to fight the boss and you better have some leftover heroes. You do not want to fight the boss with your last guy. I can tell you this from experience.

Krannus was tough, the way to Krannus that is. My so-called champions, 3 of them got stuck at the pillars of skill giving wisdom. I was left with the B-team. So a second rated guy had to save the day. He did.


Strange, but I never had trouble with the double-boss. Guess playing Dark Souls for years finally paid off.

(4 bosses down)

There is not much information on strategies for this game available. I lost my party to Methir-Shirraidth, the Bow/Arrow god. I didn’t back out, I already had invested too many good guys.

In my next run I have 4/10 and I encounter some tough resistence with my first guy at the poison swamp Boss (BREITH-DORCHA - Gods Will Fall)

Should I abandon the guy? But where should I go from there. The “easy” bosses, they have fallen (as I promised). I don’t want to go to the Bow and Arrow boss. When I bought this game, the Bow and Arrow boss was one of the easier. Now, I am not sure anymore since he wiped my party. I couldn’t parry any of his arrows (or evade)-

I already recorded more than 30 videos. Here is my try at Methir

It is a hard game.

Gods may fall, but are they still watching?

If they are, then they must be crazy.

Hangin with the Monsters…

9/10 gods fallen. But the last one, I couldn’t do it. I had all 8 guys alive for the last god. But they had gained no skills on this run, most of them had their default strength. And the final dungeon is brutal. A lot of mini-bosses that are similar to Titanite Demons. Run is over. All died in the last dungeon.

New run started.

Impressive! I was close to killing the spider god (about 6 HPs remaining) today, but remain at 0 gods killed.

ok, new attack plan.

Boadannu - Carnoccus - Morrigan - Ogmios

I got an iron bar at Carnoccus. I know there is a forge in Morrigan, that requires iron bars to smith a weapon. And then I need to fight Ogmios, because I don’t want him to be last. If the run has to end, then better early. Need to practice Omios.

I start every run now with Ogmios. If I can get him down, no need to fight the other gods. I have a run now, where Ogmios had only 1 lifebar and went down smoothly.

there are some other gods, who could be trouble. But with Ogmios out of the way, I feel pretty good for this run.

They fell. All of them. Starting with Ogmios did the trick. At some point, he only had one health bar, that’s when I got him. The other gods weren’t too hard. The poison god was last, the dungeon was infested with enemies. But the god wasn’t too hard for my leveled up clan.

One god I destroyed just with 2 packs of throwing knifes.

What a great little game. I like it that you feel you can make it almost, every time. Victory is at the grasp of your hands, then some little missteps, and you want to cry.

In my victory run, my best guy was crippled by -10 speed when he came out of a dungeon. But he was ready again, when I went for the last one.

Looking forward to the DLC. 3 new gods and a random dungeon. Not released, yet.

Nice! It’s been awhile since I played, I only ever felled three of them at best.

Now that you’ve beaten it, do you still feel the urge to play or are you done until more content arrives?

I am very proud to have beaten it. It was a tough ride. I started a casual new run to play a bit here and there, when nothing else is on. I haven’t mentioned how good the music is. It adds so much to the world design.

Also, this is a game where parrying actually works. It will boost your HP, so it makes totally sense to use it to get HP back very quickly. And the timing is generous.

I almost never used parry in a souls game, because if you failed you just lose HP, if you parry successful you can defeat an enemy quicker. Not sure about risk/reward.

it took me 88 videos to finish the game, however, I think I had like 10 hrs pre recording. I tried a new run today, but it really went bad, tough resistance in different dungeons. I am down to 3 guys, not sure if I can rescue the missing guys.

Let’s talk about the forge in Morrigan. Or multiple forges. The big one, You need a bar of iron. It drops rarely as rewards for boss kills. I used it once and it forged a 5 star weapon. I think it is a guranteed success.

The smaller forges, five in total, forge with 3 possible outcomes for your weapon: +1, 0 and -1
If I would design the game, I would give +1 with a 50% chance and in the other 0 and -1 with 25% chance. Therefore, you actually want to use the damn thing.

But maybe it is 1/3 for all results. From experience, I can’t tell for sure. In my last run yesterday I had 4 neutral outcomes and 1 negative with one character. He failed to kill the boss. The next character I tried twice and could increase my weapon to 3 stars. I didn’t want to gamble.