Gods Will Fall at some point

When you think you are out, they pull you back in.

new DLC Gortainh, the God of Pain. Looks like part 2 of the Dormant Gods DLC. A new god, new realm. ugh. I read, his realm is, let me check, it reads, P … A … I … N . I developed a love hate relationship with this game, because it was so stupid hard and unforgiving.

This is free on Epic right now. Is it a roguelike?

yes, it is a roguelike, with a bit meta progression. The atmosphere and music is great, too. But it is hard (at least it was for me). But I managed to finish the game, which I usually can’t do in other roguelikes. I loved it and cursed it…

You have like 10 heroes at the start of the run. And if you lose all heroes, it is game over. But you learn the enemies, where to run, where to fight. The bosses are great, too.

I tried this over the weekend, and bounced off of it hard. I liked everything about the game, but the controls were so awful I gave up and uninstalled. I get that the game was developed for console/controller, but the decision to force PC owners to use either a controller or suffer through an already difficult game with terrible keyboard-only controls made it a no go for me. I realize I’m in the minority in my “keyboard and mouse or GTFO” stance…but it is what it is.


can’t imagine with M/K… controller was perfect, I think you can lock on if I remember correctly. Very Dark Souls-like controls.

Just played through this one. I had been eyeing it for a while, and had actually just bought it with the Epic coupon before doing an immediate refund when they announced it was about to be a giveaway.

Enjoyable for the most part! I dug the art (particularly the environments) and music. And the concept of having unknown difficulty and needing to rescue or abandon fallen warriors later is a really clever bit of design that could lead to some cool risk-reward decisions.

I say “could” though, because that didn’t really happen in my game. I’m not sure if I just got lucky with the order I blindly picked by repeatedly going to the nearest entrance and diving in, but I didn’t wind up with any hard decisions in that regard.

The first two gods I picked were apparently on the weak side. Had a couple deaths while getting used to the controls, but I could tell that they would be doable after getting used to their patterns, so stuck with them and won on the second or third try. Then the third (Carnoccus) was the exact opposite – the level was full of giant dudes with lots of hit points that took a long time to wear down with my 2-star weapon. Still made it to the boss by playing carefully, but got killed in two or three hits. So I figured that was one that should be saved for later, and left one fallen character sitting there for the rest of the game.

After that, I had a couple more easy-ish levels and got some better equipment, before arriving at what turned out to be the closest I came to a game over, Boadannu. Lost one character off a cliff at the beginning, and then two more falling off the raft due to some wonky physics. But I wasn’t having any real trouble with the enemies there, so I stuck it out rather than consider going somewhere else. However, it turned out that the god was actually a tough fight, and I lost a couple more warriors there, getting very tired of going through that same level over and over again. At that point I was clearly pot-committed, but had learned the fight well enough that I was able to win it on the next attempt.

It was all downhill from there, though, with the only significant sticking point being the battle with Oghmio, which took a few tries. I had found a 4* weapon from Boadannu, but was saving that character to send in as a last-ditch attempt if everyone else went down, and it never quite reached that point. Wrapped things up by returning to Carnoccus last, and barely even took a hit.

And then… nothing? I was kind of expecting some sort of endgame dungeon to open up after the last god fell, but the credits just rolled. Oh well, at least when I get back to the main menu it’ll tell me about whatever NewGame+ / Ascension level / Pact of Punishment / Boss Cell / etc. mechanic is now unlocked, right? No? That’s all there is?

Oh well. Still a pretty good time for 4 hours or so, but I’m glad it was free.

wow, it took me a lot of runs until I finished. Did you forge weapons? There is DLC, but I haven’t tried it. I like how different the 3 body types/classes play

I did wind up going back a bit more yesterday evening to get a feel for how much difference/replayability there actually is, and just how lucky I had gotten in my first game.

Second game proved to be the opposite of the first, with a cavalcade of terrible luck. Started with Carnoccus, who had been the hardest on my first go, and it was a total pushover this time. But the rewards were just a couple more 1-star weapons, and the character who went in was scarred by the attempt, so I didn’t actually get any stronger from the victory. The next two I tried were both maxed-out difficulty with giant beast monsters all over the place, and I didn’t get far with either attempt, and knew sending more in would be pointless. Unfortunately, the people trapped there both had relationships, who suffered significant stat penalties from abandoning their friend/lover. Then another easy level! And I even got a couple of 2-star weapons from it! Luck was turning around! Except the weapons were both heavy axe/mace, and my only warrior able to wield it was already gone, so they went to waste. Then another hard level, and I was down to just three warriors all suffering from debilitating status effects, after which it didn’t take long to get a game over.

Then game 3 was even luckier than the first! Two warriors started with 2-star weapons, which I hadn’t even known was possible. First realm (Krannus) turned out to be middling-strength, but beatable, and I came out of it with a character with 3 useful skills, a +3 strength bonus, and a 4-star spear. After which nothing was much of a threat. I used the other warriors some for variety (and actually one of them later wound up with 5 strength), but could have easily soloed the rest of the game with just that one.

Anyway, got to see the rest of the monsters and such that I had missed the first time around. Enjoyed it, but it definitely doesn’t have the same replayability legs as other action-roguelikes.

In my first game, Morrigan was the second-to-last realm I got to. I used every forge I found, and the weapon went from 2 to 3 to 2 to 1 to 2, so it wound up being irrelevant. But I could see forging early being a useful strategy when you’re starting off. But I had also wasted an ingot in my first game because I didn’t know what it was for, so tried to wait and do Morrigan after finding one so I could see what the true forge did, but I never found in in subsequent games. Also never figured out what the point of the well or the graveyard is. And yeah, I saw the DLC, but at this point, adding one more realm doesn’t seem like it would add enough to keep things fresh when 90% of the game is still going through the same levels.

Can you? I was constantly missing my hits and couldn’t figure that out. Ended up uninstalling :(