Dig it.

My shovel is useless.

Watch me install a new character set to play an HTML riddle game.

Don’t need to – passwords are all in English, lower case, no spaces. I’m scratching my head on #6 right now.

hint for six

Wow, I suck compared to all you guys… I couldn’t get past the first level.

First level tip

[color=white]Read the text backwards… [/color]


[color=white]… it’s a time zone… find the place that uses that time zone… [/color]


[color=white]kabul [/color]

Another tip - have a look at the title bar in the browser… that usually gives a clue for the answer.

1 was easy, 2 was extremely easy, but whats up with 3? I never figured out how to read anything else on the site, if somebody could help me with that id get 3 since apparently theres hints

Riddles are difficult enough when they are in English. Check at time? WTF?

That site makes me feel that solving it will inevitably involve you in some sinister global conspiracy. Perhaps Bruce Willis will try to save you.

I clicked on the battle war “Heaven Scenario” and got scared of it for no reason. something about the mystery of the picture disturbed me

I’m also stumped at #3. A small hint, anyone?

I got stuck on number five.

#3 is kinda tricky


Salutes the Genius

I needed the hints for level one, but level two is retardedly easy.

Me and my coworker (we’ve been attacking the puzzles as a team) are stuck on level 17. Anyone there yet with some hints?

I just got past that level, and the next is killing me. I’ll try for some hints for 17.

^^^^ the next level is extremely easy, almost as easy as the 2nd

just follow the instrctions and remember to think outside the box ;~)

[color=white]move the moues with the arrow[/color]

[color=white]outside the window flash window[/color]

[color=white]highlight and read[/color]

I got some of that but… what’s the answer got to do with the milk bottle’s expiry date?