Godzilla - Final Wars

Anyone check this one out?

I thought it was awesome - great mix of CG with the man-in-suit stuff to actually make the action seem lively, as opposed to the past few Godzilla movies where cumbersome looking guys basically just stare at each other. They even brought back the crazy aliens from Godzilla vs. Monster Zero, through in some martial arts, some anime-style battleships vs. fighters stuff, and smacked and dissed the American Godzilla.

Best giant monster movie since Gamera 3.

I thought it was a blast. Just a ton of cool stuff and imagery. Sadly, all of that was crammed into about 20 minutes or less of monster time.

I would’ve liked less martial arts and such and more giant monsters. But still a fun as hell movie. And man, didn’t Don Frye just steal that movie? What a big, doofy looking goof. Well, a big, doofy looking MIGHTY goof. He’ll fight Godzilla with his SWORD!

However, I personally wouldn’t rate it above GMK: Giant Monsters All Out Attack as an all around Godzilla flick.

Moustache guy was hilarious, and the movie was fun, but probably too spasticated overall. That Dragonball Z stuff was completely pointless and out of place. Trying to build up Gigan - at length - as some unstoppable monster badass was also very dumb: he’s a second string opponent at absolute best.

Re: GMK: You mean the new-ish one with Ghidorah, Mothra and (briefly) Baragon teaming up against Godzilla? That was the worst Godzilla movie I have ever seen by a wide margin. Favourite is still Godzilla vs Mothra.

Final Wars was good fun- My personal favorite part was them ripping on the american godzilla. The matrix stuff was, odd for a Godzilla movie, but didn’t really bother me too much. The onbly downside for me was, this is the first GZ movie my son has seen, and now the others are paling in comparision for him.
I always enjoy any movie with flying battleships:)

I stand by my comments in this thread:

Final Wars gets a strong vote from me. It clearly had a high budget–“high” defined relatively here in relation to the Godzilla spectrum–so instead of spotty bits of laughably bad cgi here and there, it was absolutely crammed full of it. Plus, the director, one Ryuhei Kitamura, is the kind of guy who, when constrained by Toho corporate bylaws that state all Godzilla films must be heavily padded with dead air of people saying profoundly stupid lines at each other, reacts by exploiting a loophole in those bylaws. Namely, that it doesn’t actually prohibit having them say profoundly stupid lines at each other while also kicking each other in the head. And he’s a director who is all about having people kick each other in the head. It’s probably his greatest strength!

Mind you, I do wish Toho would drop those mentioned bylaws, or at least adjust them or something. Perhaps only mandate fifty-percent dead air of kaijulessness.

That said, the big G “fighting” that no-good tuna-eating monster is one of my favorite Godzilla fights ever, for all that it lasted all of ten seconds or so.

What didn’t you like about it? While I would definitely rank other movies above it in the Zilla franchise, I felt that it really took G back to its roots of it being a truly terrifying monster. From the massive anticipation that the people in the movie had of its return to the panicked naming of every monster as “Godzilla” to the nuclear blast that went off when it first fired the Big Blue Ray ™, I thought that Big G had come back into its own.

Sure, I didn’t like the really thick thighs of the costume, and sometimes the human plot descended into hokeyness, but on the whole felt it was a tight, well made entry to the series, unlike several that preceded it.

Good: Godzilla being an unstoppable force of nature. He’s been a lot of different things and everybody has a fave aspect of his personality, but I think I like this one best. That and when he comes around and kicks evil alien monster ass for a while.

Bad: Everything else, pretty much. There was something about him being, what, some kind of memory/ghost recepticle of all his victims? I blocked a lot of that out, so my memory won’t be the best. There was some horrible crap about … was it a stone ‘CD’ or something? Like a magical talisman? Was that related to Godzilla’s new status as the eleventh circle of Hell? I honestly forget. I remember it being painful and pretentious - like a lot of existential anime or poorly written JRPGs. Mostly I just remember it sucking. Plus the treatment of Mothra and Ghidorah was so different from how they usually are I wondered why they didn’t just create new monsters. Ghidorah’s now some ancient guardian of earth? Baby Mothra kills drunken teenagers for kicks? What? Yes, things change, but this is pointless and unacceptable.

Have you seen Gamera 3? Because you haven’t seen pretension and terrible Japanese analogies until you’ve seen that.

I get the feeling you didn’t pay much attention to this. I can understand, it’s a lot more than the typical Godzilla fare. The 3 Guardian Monsters were definitely a departure from their usual representations, but I found this to be fresh, rather than the typical Ghidorah as space monster/future monster to destroy everything. It was cool to cheer for the bad monster for once.

The stone CD bit was one of the aforementioned “terrible japanese analogies,” basically they’re trying to say that you can see some geological history recorded in rocks, and trying to add a mystical concept on that.

Yes, Larval Mothra killed teenagers, but these were teens that had gone on a rampage, were about to drown a dog out of malice, and had desecrated her sacred rock. So, in typical movie style, they gots whut was comin’ to 'em.

Godzilla himself was a repository for all the souls of those killed in the Pacific theater of WWII. This was an interesting take on why he kept coming back to Japan, namely (as explained in the movie) that while Japanese were certainly killed, they killed a lot more in China, Phillipines, etc, and were simply outvoted as to who to go after in the Godzilla mental democracy.

As a final point, originally, Ghidorah and Mothra weren’t to be in the movie, it was supposed to be Baragon, Varan and Anguilas as the Guardian Monsters. But Toho had them changed to be some “bigger name” monsters.

There’s a good wiki on the movie if you’re interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godzilla%2C_Mothra_and_King_Ghidorah:_Giant_Monsters_All-Out_Attack

Just so’s you know, I knew all the other stuff from watching the movie, not reading the wiki, aside from the replacement monsters thing (although I knew that just from reading other sites when the movie came out!).

And as a final note, while I understand your point of view, I likes the monster movies straightforward sometimes too. I rank THEM! as one of my favorites.

It’s been awhile since I’ve watched the flick, but I seem to recall the basic plotline of the movie being about a girl who tries to get revenge on Gamera for accidently killing her parents during the big fight at the end of the first flick. When she bonds with another monster in a similar way to how the young girl does with Gamera in the first movie, the creature takes on her Gamera hatred and turns it into two hours of monster fights.

Maybe I’m just forgetting a lot (and this will be an excellent excuse to rewatch the series) but that sounds less pretentious than Godzilla being made out of dead people’s souls.

One of the more interesting things about Godzilla: Final Wars was the “American Godzilla”. There is a part in the movie where all the monsters are running amok in various cities around the world. The American Godzilla is rendered in this film as full CGI.

I’m sure it’s just my western bias, but it struck me how good the CGI scenes were. They were on par or better than the CGI in the American Godzilla movie. He attacks a city and is also rendered in a battle with Japanese Godzilla. My impression was that the Japanese were trying to show they can do state of the art also, but intentionally use the “guy in the rubber suit” because it’s traditional.

I’d love to see a monster movie with full CGI monsters. To me, they just move more like monsters. A guy in a rubber suit can only move like a human constrained in a 100 lb awkward rubber suit. With CGI (or stop motion) you can make a behemoth monster move like a giant monster should.

Overall I loved Final Wars. I watched it 3 times while we had it. I loved how they went all out and took the funniest/best parts of several films and put them together. Matrix style fights, mutant superhuman soldiers, flying battleships, the tough big wrestler looking guy with the sword, cute Japanese girls, crazy David-Bowie Ziggy Stardust aliens, conspiracy theories, alien invasions . . . this film really doesn’t lack for anything in the wild zany enterainment department.

Yeah, I really hated that one too, although it’s probably not as low as Godzilla’s Revenge. I actually dislike many of the 90s+ Godzilla movies, because the action is just so lame - nobody even seems to move in the costumes - they just basically hug each other and use breath weapons. The one 90s one I did really like was the Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (the one with Rodan), uh the first “remake” of the zillion Mechagodzilla movies.

The mustached guy was Don Frye, a former Ultimate Fighting Challenge champion, who is really popular in Japan.

I also thought it was funny that the American Godzilla was only shown in CGI in Final Wars. I don’t agree that the CGI was good, however - it seemed on par with Hercules/Xena stuff more than Hollywood CGI. I would definitely prefer to see a full CG Godzilla movie done in the Japanese style - it just frees up so many possibilties.

Another Japanese giant monster movie I just saw – King Kong Escapes – holy crap was that terrible. I can’t believe they went with that costume in that movie and King Kong vs. Godzilla.

You’re correct about the basic plot, but are forgetting about the whole “earth life force is tied to Gamera as shown in this video game simulation” as well as all the crap spouted by the two over-the-top villains in the film.

And you should absolutely rewatch all 3. You shouldn’t need an excuse for those.


Seriously, man, that was low. NOTHING is as bad as Godzilla’s Revenge. Except maybe Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla.

I just hate when the Japanese get into their crazy Earth-gaia/earth force fetish, and babble nonsensically about it – I disliked it because I thought it was one of the least coherant and sensical Godzilla movie, and that’s saying a lot. Thanks for the wiki link though - I probably would have liked it better if it was Varan and Anguilus. instead of Mothra and Ghidorah.

Very true that Gamera had a lot of all that stuff too, but Gamera 3 was redeemed by having probably the most realistic action scenes in the genre, in terms of showing collateral damage, etc.

Absolutely agree re: Gamera 3. Wasn’t watching the first fight, and that enormous fireball wiping out an entire street (as it really should) just awesome to behold?

I also agree about the wacky gaia fetish too. I guess this movie never really lost me with it, unlike Gamera 3, which made excessive little sense to me.

But hey, to each their own kaiju, eh? Me, I likes Ultraman. He just loooooooves to wrestle!