Godzilla Minus One

My god the dubbed version on Netflix was shockingly sloppy. The difference in translation between dub and subtitles was far greater than I’ve ever seen. Like saying two completely different things.

I saw this last night, decent movie.

I’d really like to watch Shin Godzilla, but it doesn’t seem to be on any streaming service currently.

I saw it streaming a few months ago - I think on Apple? So it definitely streams occasionally.

Edit: and, it was amazing in a weirdly bureaucratic way.

I loved this, but think I would’ve been much cooler on it had I seen it before the Oscars. Seeing how excited the team was, with their Godzilla shoes and statues really earned it an enormous amount of goodwill from me.

That put me off initially too. The dubbing as as bad as anything from the 60’s.

Well obviously watching it dubbed is doing it wrong! I would never watch a dubbed movie unless it was an animation. But even that I still like to go with subtitles.

Believe Netflix dubs are based on a script that’s been localized/edited to “sound better” when spoken, vs how subtitles are closer/more literal translations of the original script. That’s the consistent treatment across like anime and dubbed versions of INTL shows.

We paid the $4 to rent so the family could see it before Minus One–totally worth it. We also tried a grey area streaming thing but the rental had much better subtitles.

Recently in the anime thread, I came to the conclusion that the reason Crunchyroll doesn’t allow you to display subtitles for dubs like I want them to is because they’re so different from each other. I finally found one that allows both (Devil is a Part Timer), and it’s so confusing to hear one set of dialog, and for the subtitles to be so different from that dialog. I bet a lot of dubs/subtitles are the same way, which is why they don’t have the option for subtitles for most dubs on their app.

Where did you rent it from?

Looks like you can rent/buy it on Fandango At Home (née Vudu): Shin Godzilla streaming: where to watch online?

I ended up just buying it digitally on Amazon for like $5 a few years back. Probably not an option anymore though.

I could’ve sworn from Apple, but it seems to not be there anymore. Weird. I know we paid.

Check your library to see if they have it. My library has a copy and there are 4 in our consortium.

We watched the dub because my wife doesnt like reading subtitles. She did enjoy the movie so it was worth it.

If my daughter and I watched it together, it would have been the subtitles.

When my son and I saw this at the theater, he insisted we go to the one showing each day that had subtitles instead of dubbing.

I raised that boy right!

Watched it on Netflix and it is fine. The title though… would have made more logical sense to say Godzilla Zero. And goodness, no dub please. In postwar Japan do you expect Japanese to speak anything but Japanese???

The lesson from this movie is to not sell your soul to American Studio. If you do it, you get Godzilla x Kong. :woman_facepalming:

Brett Easton Ellis’ Godzilla: Less Than Zero : )

Finally watched this on Netflix and really enjoyed it a lot. It was funny to hear at least one voice actor from Yakuza: Like a Dragon in the dubbed voice cast.

LOL - Nanba!! (Greg Chun, who also provided the English dub for Sōsaku Tachibana in Godzilla Minus One)