Godzilla Minus One

Oh shit well spotted!

Brilliant film. I did not expect to like it as much as I did but the personal stories, post-war Japan setting, and the effects work really made it a standout.

I found this interesting about the title. I had read earlier that it referred to being a prequel but this makes more sense:

The “Minus One” refers to the fact that Japan had already been devastated by WWII (brought down to zero), but with the emergence of Godzilla, it puts Japan into the negative. This is reflected in the film’s original Japanese tagline, which translates to, “Postwar Japan. From Zero to Minus”.

That was in the IMDB trivia.

That actually does make a lot of sense.

And also called out earlier in the thread by @Ex-SWoo, who actually linked it to the kanji lettering!

Ah, thanks, and apologies. I missed the original mention and was only remembering the prequel explanation.

I’m glad it’s gotten so much like from audiences. Watching it, I was thinking people were going to have a tough time with Godzilla’s rigid stance. Lacking the fluidity of the hollywood versions, it makes it look ‘old school’. Which was the point, of course, and I liked it. Thought it was refreshing.

Finally saw this (subtitles version on Netflix).

Fantastic. Really liked it it a lot, especially since I was a huge Godzilla fan as a kid.