Anyone play this on the Cube yet? Pretty great so far. While it’s not exactly the most involved fighter out there it’s certainly entertaining.

Some of the moves are pretty outlandish, and so are the cut scenes. I really like the level of destruction, and the fact that the world is very alive (tanks, helicopters etc).

But i’ll admit that I couldn’t stop thinking about TCFH as I played, damn i’m excited.

Let me put it to you this way… I bought a cube to play this game. (and I’m not disappointed either.)

Mechagodzilla was a sissy compared to fighting Destoroyah. Sheesh, that laser-horn charge of his doesn’t miss. This game is like WWF meets King of the Monsters (+ great graphics). I’m driving down to Columbus this weekend to hang out with another Insomniax team member and his wife and most definitely taking the cube along.

If you haven’t seen the game yet and are any kind of Godzilla fan at all, please do yourself the favor of at least renting a cube for the weekend to play this thing. Granted, as a collector of Godzilla movies I’m a bit biased but then again I’m also hyper-critical of any potential deviations from what I would expect of a Godzilla game… and buddy, I’m 100% satisfied with this. Best thing is that there aren’t 500 different moves for each monster that you need to memorize… they have a decent variety of moves and they can be pulled off in a logical and consistent manner. It’s not a game about what exotic combo bullshit you know, it is totally based in strategic utilization of the environment and using the right move at the right time. 70% think, 30% twitch.