GoFundMe for JPinard - please share

Hey folks,

Not sure if you’ve seen the recent discussion about @jpinard’s situation, but he’s found himself on his own, with financial challenges, all while helping his parents deal with severe illness.

I created a GoFundMe to make it easy for us to help:

Even if it’s a bad time for you to help financially, sharing the link on social media or forums can do wonders for helping the campaign. Any time or donation would be hugely appreciated.

This wasn’t Jeff’s idea, and he was reticent to do this, but I know some of us want to help out, and a GoFundMe makes it simple, so he signed off on me posting the campaign.

Thanks for your consideration!

Thanks for setting this up @DennyA. C’mon QT3, lets show Star Citizen how it’s done!

Thank you, @DennyA!

Well done, Denny! Jeff’s a true mensch, so I sent some Chanukah gelt his way. It’s not chocolate coins, but I hope it helps raise his spirits in this trying time.

Thanks, Denny! It’s a Christmas miracle!

Denny & QT3,
I’m at a loss for what to say. True kindness and care seem to be fleeting in this world at times, but your compassion and thoughtfulness fills my life with hope despite all the challenges that lie ahead.

You’ve filled a difficult and painful Christmas, with real life joy. Thank you… for everything.


Will you name your frogs after the top contributors? /jk

I will be happy to name every single one of my frogs after everyone. I always try to catalog and track them to make sure no one is disappearing so it will be fun :) Maybe when I get my lawn done, I will introduce Grass (Leopard) Frogs as well. As long as they promise not to eat the Green Frogs. Green Frogs live in the water while Leopard Frogs live in the grassy areas.

Green Frog (my pic)

Leopard Frog (not my pic)


Dammit, is this gonna be like a Frop Bog XCom, where we are all secretly hoping our Anura Avatars make it through the season?!

Since I’m not their mission commander, their survival rate jumps about 99.99% :)

We should really take the opportunity right now while we have the chance to think of some stretch goals that JP needs to fulfill.

Night time in the Frop Bog…

images (10)

I bought a frog brooch for my sister which I gifted her an hour ago.
Any link to current events is purely coincidental.

Bump, just to keep it in minds.

Saw this today and donated. Jeff is good people, and I’ll give more when I can.

Thanks, @DennyA for getting this started. And thanks also for including that link in your GoFundMe write-up to @tomchick’s wonderful article, which I had not seen before, and filled me in on some things I had been wondering about, such as where the word “frop” came from.

dammit. No paypal donations possible. I dont have nor want a credit card.

I’m surprised something like Zelle hasn’t integrated with GoFundMe or someone. You don’t need a credit card for that kind of a transaction. It also doesn’t try to tack on an advance APR like some cards do.

Maybe someone can donate on your behalf and then you can PayPal them back?

Yup, just did that with the great @DennyA :) @tomchick, that article is great. You are a fine writer, and this is a fine story indeed.