Gog 2014

I would love to, but I don’t know the name!

The name of the game, being extremely generic, is not what defines it. Duh.

The name is ‘Eiyū Densetsu VI Sora no Kiseki’.

Is that Klingon? That’s Klingon isn’t it?


Your wishes are answered!

(he he, i enjoyed that!)

But in all seriousness i felt that thread gave too much prominence to Steam, so decided to mention it in the GOG thread also :)

And there a number of interesting looking puzzle type games, one new, one older:



They look confusing, which is probably a good thing!

A Ninja game i didn’t know about (or had forgotten?), Mark of the Ninja:

Probably forgotten: it’s gotten pretty big ups here and everywhere.

Mark of the Ninja is awesome, and I don’t even like stealth games. I haven’t messed with the Special Edition content yet, though, gotta do that.

I’ve never played AI War, maybe it was because it was real time and i was about real-timed out up to the gills at the time? Not sure, but GoG have AI War Collection for little money, DRM free etc:

I am i the only one that has trouble understanding the ‘robot’ voice in that trailer video?

Something smoething, the AI controls the galaxy, something something you are insignificant. I gave up – there’s too much panning. Is that voice used in the game?

Hmm, this must be why it wouldn’t accept my saved password in Firefox (which I have no memory of having changed) and I had to reset it yesterday or the day before. Weird.

DRM-free movies now on GOG.com.

The King of Arcades
Gamer Age
Pixel Poetry
Indie Game: The Movie
Art of Playing
TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

They also have updated the appearance of their site (and changed their logo). It’s get a little getting used to…

GOG is removing a bunch of games and offering a last chance sale on them until Tuesday. Appears that they’re mostly Nordic Games titles (e.g., Gothic, Spellforce). Don’t see an explanation for why they’re being removed, though.

Anyone every play The Nations Gold? Seems like a The Settlers type game.

Pricing issues. Whatever GoG is doing to flatten the regional pricing borders, Nordic and a few others didn’t want to be part of it.

Lots of good stuff for a fair price in this sale.

I couldn’t get it to run under windows 7. That being said I don’t think I tried very hard either.

I saw some other people had trouble too. I guy said he had luck installing it outside of the Program Files folder. After looking more at it I’m unsure it is something I’d like a lot. Curious if anyone here has played it.

Are there any good card games on gog? I’ve heard something about Etherlords, but that doesn’t look much like a card game. Any others?