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You’re welcome.

Ingenious Scott!
This reminded me I need to get back and try Craft the World again. I haven’t messed with it since EA. I thought it was pretty slick back then, but not as engaging as Terarria. Anyone try it recently?

I am in the same boat as you, Fozzle. I watched my wife play it for hours and hours and it looks like the sort of game I would really enjoy.

I haven’t had a chance to install and try it out yet, though.

The old thread almost made it to the Chinese New Year!

Thanks for the new one Scott.


Awesome Scott :)

And i take back my potential recommendation for ‘Craft the World’ from the previous thread, it is not the game i thought it was!

Edit: i might swap it for The Long Dark, as a GOG game to watch/readup on/get :)

Awesome, and some RPS thoughts here:


I wonder how those minimum specs compare to a PS4, and if there is even anything to read in those?

(psst tylertoo, i hope these are not posts of frustration from you? GOG games often arrive after being on Steam (so getting their own threads maybe) or other places, so as this thread is for GOG games, there may be be some seeming duplication at times, but this is the GOG thread for when certain games get released on the platform…so just checking in quietly to make the point and hope you are not posting in frustration. If you are just trying to help by pointing myself and others to specific threads, then thanks for taking the time :) )

This. I thought you were unaware of ongoing discussions about those games.

ok cool :)

This one looks interesting; Lethis Path of Progress. I’d need to read up more about it, but ‘classic’ city builders are few and far between these days:

I picked up Lethis during the debut sale on GOG. Haven’t put much time in yet but I love the aesthetic/art design and the game is supposed to be a spiritual successor to the Impression Games Studio city builders.


Seems to me it wasn’t particularly well received when it debuted on Steam a while back. I’d be curious to see others’ impressions.

I see what you did there.

Lethis uses the Walker mechanic and you can place roadblocks to constrain the walkers or dictate their route on branching paths. Walkers do have a natural default range even if you don’t use roadblocks and walkers apply their “effects” to every building they walk past.

I hope that helps.


I had a nice chuckle at some coincidental timing this morning.

I purchased Paper Sorcerer in the weekly GOG sale and less than 5 minutes later GOG emails me to notify that Items on your wishlist are now on sale!:
Paper Sorcerer

My email inbox looks like:
-Your GOG Order is complete: Paper Sorcerer 10:42 AM
-Receipt for Your Payment to GOG Ltd. from PayPal 10:43 AM
-Items from your Wishlist are now on Sale: Paper Sorcerer 10:47 AM

<Random post of the day>


Sword of the Stars Complete Collection is now available on GOG. 50% launch discount.

Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition now available on GOG for $49.79

17% launch discount until March 23rd.


  • Dying Light Game Enhanced (base game)
  • Dying Light The Following (expansion)
  • Ultimate Survivor Bundle (DLC)
  • The Bozak Horde game mode (DLC)
  • Be the Zombie multiplayer mode(DLC)
  • Cuisine & Cargo challenge missions (DLC)

Great to see these larger recently released titles showing up on GOG more frequently.



Best hover tank strategy game EVER.

Better than Battlezone 1 and 2? I know those followed Uprising’s lead, so I figured they improved on Uprising.

Btw, for anyone new to the genre, play Battlezone 2 first, to get a better handle on the controls, and more of a narrative hook, and then play Battlezone 1 for the better game with a steeper learning curve (but that’s okay, because you already learned how to do that stuff in Battlezone 2 first!)