GOG 2019: Good Games Old and New

Oh wow, I think I played that years ago on the PS2.

As a Warhammer video game completionist, I must own that. Never played Fire Warrior, but looking to try.

I don’t think that’s contagious, but forgive me if I do not permit you to breathe on me.


It’s a tough job at times, but someone has to do it.

The Colonists is currently on sale for $16.74 on GOG which is certainly impulse buy territory for a Settlers-alike.

I really like the minimalist aesthetic. Did this hold up for you Rod?

So how does one actually access Galaxy 2.0? I signed up a long time ago (confirmed by the fact that when I tried to re-sign-up, it told me I was already signed up). Am I waiting for an invite? Is there a site I can just go to to download it?

90% sure you have to wait for the invite, and they’ve been really slow on the rollout. After signing up on day one I only got in a week or two ago.

Yes, you need to wait for an invite. My experience is similar to @LockerK; signed up day 1, but only got the invite a few weeks ago.

Yeah, I wish I could try it too. And I also tried to “sign up” again this weekend, only to be told I’d already signed up. But no invite yet.

On the bright side, I’ve been using Playnite more and more. They’ve gotten a lot better in the last few updates.

It’ll be worth the wait, though I’m wondering how Steam’s upcoming collections update will compete with it.

I have Galaxy 2.0, and every time I use it, I want to go back to using Playnite. It’s just a better library organizer.

I’ve never tried Playnite but Galaxy 2.0 seems fine to me. It was super easy to set up and answers the question “do I already own this game and, if so, where the heck is it?”. That’s all I needed.

Now it just needs a “I want to buy game X, which service(s) is it available on?” feature. Maybe there’s a website for that, sort of like JustWatch but for PC games.

So Playnite is more like, “Hey I wonder which flight simulators I have. Oh cool, Gunship! I wonder which other game I have that was released that year…Oh neat, I wonder which other games of mine were released by this publisher.”

It’s a full cross-linked database/launcher/game manager. Where GOG beats it is achievement tracking, which it doesn’t have.

Plus it beats it by tracking console games. If I own Valiant: The Great War on console, I want to keep track of that and not get it on a sale on PC as well.

I’m not done watching this yet, but I love that when you type “dead” into search, the 3rd choice is Cuphead. That’s beautiful.

Edit: Oh man, you can add ratings to all the games. Remember rating things? I spent weeks going through Amazon once rating all the books that I’d ever read, just so that it would recommend better books to me. The same with movies and Netflix. And in both cases, they didn’t do a good job preserving my ratings. So I’m not sure I’ve ever bothered rating things since then. Especially since Netflix changed their star rating into thumbs up and down.

When is this going to be pushed to everyone? Is it still in beta?

I’ve had the new Galaxy for a while but I’ve not even connected any platforms to it yet, simply because I was waiting for official integrations and not all those community integrations they have. So, to me, it’s been exactly what it’s always been: just a launcher and tracker of GoG games. I feel like I’m being stupid about it, that there’s no reason to avoid the community integrations, but for some reason it just rubbed me wrong, like I don’t trust them. What says the peoples?

So I was wandering buy scamming the internet when I swear I say a GOG add that had “No one lives forever 2” in their game library. I scurried my clients out and looked… No dice.

Why can’t gog get this library?