GOG 2019: Good Games Old and New


Talk about your coming outta left field. MF:CS is the very definition of your “shockingly unappreciated” gems.

And bought!

Thanks for posting! Now the wait for the release of Cyberstorm 2 continues.

I thought the second one was far inferior to the first, my own self. Did you end up liking it?

I mean if they add it, I’ll buy it for competitions sake (I already own both on disk), but I doubt I’d play it.

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this since GOG has been a thing.

just sayin’


I remember liking parts of the second more than the first, but, it has been long enough that I couldn’t tell you exactly what. Maybe there was more openness to it?

I do seem to remember there being a hybrid movement system, or maybe you chose between real time and turn-based that I was not a fan of in it.

Either way I did really enjoy both games.

The second inferior game tried to jump on the (then popular) RTS bandwagon by providing a LOL WUT real-time mode, along with the (unbalanced because: RTS) turn-based mode.

XCOM: Apocalypse tried the same shenanigans to similar results. You just can’t serve two masters.

I loved XCOM: Apocalypse. My favorite thing was using gas bombs to block choke points. Half a dozen popped, big cloud. Every alien that appeared just went to sleep.

Me too, it’s my favorite. I only played it in TB mode though.

Can confirm MFS works GREAT on Win10 Home.

Once I got the rhythm going I loved the city fights. Sending every one of your vehicles to put down an uprising or fight an alien. I mean, talk about micro-management. What engine do you want in your huge car? What weapon? Your huge freakin’ car.

Did anyone every play Chaos League, before Games workshop sued, and they made Bloodbowl instead.

Careful if you have multiple monitors. It totally messed up things for me.

Thursday must be Warhammer 40,000 day this week, with not one but two Warhammer releases. As lovely as being able to get Mechanicus (35% off) and the new DLC (15% off) on GOG may be, bet y’all never thought you would see Fire Warrior on GOG. Possibly the “So bad it is good…” of Warhammer 40,000 first-person shooters, and one of the better representations of the Bolter in a video game.

Oh wow, I think I played that years ago on the PS2.

As a Warhammer video game completionist, I must own that. Never played Fire Warrior, but looking to try.

I don’t think that’s contagious, but forgive me if I do not permit you to breathe on me.


It’s a tough job at times, but someone has to do it.

The Colonists is currently on sale for $16.74 on GOG which is certainly impulse buy territory for a Settlers-alike.

I really like the minimalist aesthetic. Did this hold up for you Rod?