GOG 2019: Good Games Old and New

Holy shit W3 DLR.

I’m trying to remember if Warlords 3 had a true turn based mode. It’s been a long time but my memory is that although I loved Warlords 1 and 2, I hated the bastardized “simultaneous turns” / Real-Time system in Warlords 3. Was that optional?

Oh man, Warlords is a series that is close to my heart. Loved those games so much.

In 1992 I got my first real professional IT job. One of my first projects with the company was to roll out Windows 3.1 to all the office computers around the holidays that year. Since I was low guy on the department hierarchy, that meant I got to babysit all the installs and tap the appropriate keys when prompted (no such thing as imaging and deployment software in 1992!). It was a lot of staring at screens and flipping floppy disks. I had a workbench set up in the datacenter, and I built a 286 machine and brought in my well worn copy of Warlords from home and loaded it so I could play while babysitting installs. There were some nights I didn’t leave until 10:00pm or later because even though I’d finished the machines for the day by 7:30 or so, I couldn’t stop playing just one more turn in Warlords.

Warlords 3 : Reign of Heroes was an insta-buy for me the day it came out. I remember there being some sort of issues with the early retail copies of the game, and I remember submitting several support requests to SSG. As a result, SSG sent me Darklords Rising for free when it released. Darklords Rising was the highlight of the series, an incredible game that I probably played for 200+ hours over several years. It was one of those games that you reinstalled every so often because nothing else could scratch the itch.

So happy to see these get the GOG treatment! Looking forward to basking in the nostalgia.

(Pours another one out for SSG’s Ian Trout)

Oh good to know!

Is anyone having any luck getting Warlords 3 to play in the proper aspect ratio? (4:3, which means it won’t fill your screen?) I can’t get it to start without stretching to fill the screen.

It seems GOG has the same issue, as their screenshots on the store page are stretched!

These releases aren’t remastered or anything, right? So one would be playing them in a postage stamp sized window?

They’re not remastered no.

Warlords 3 was completely turn-based. “Warlords Battlecry” was the real-time variant.

I keep a virtual machine around on my Mac just so I can play Warlords 3.

You can put black bars on the side so the 4:3 ratio still fills the screen vertically.

Does it use DosBox? I’m sure there’s a way to do just that.

1024x768 is max resolution. And like others mention, it stretches to fit your screen (which is good for me, as it stretches the font out etc).

As for me, I find the game very playable.

This is going to make me have to dig up my custom Warlords II scenario about Lovecraftian creatures fighting over the earth in a Precambrian age…

Holy crap!!! I was just searching the net in vain the other day looking for a playable version of Warlords 3 DLR. Thank god for GOG.

I’ve bought it, installed it and started the bane campaign. I had forgotten just how awesome the music and art is. It really still holds up quite well.

The game is for an earlier version of Windows so it doesn’t use DosBox which means you can’t set the scaling just how you want it. That said, it does scale fine and looks nice for me on the 1024x768 setting. I do have a 16x10 monitor so any stretching isn’t noticeable. It will not run in windowed mode apparently. Also note that to minimize the game you have to click the disk icon and select ‘minimize’ there instead of using alt-tab.

Yea, my monitor is 1080p, it looks fine. I enjoyed what little I could play this morning.

If you use GOG Galaxy, go to the More button (next to Play), select Other, then click the DirectX Settings options. Be sure to set “Aspect ratio correction” to “Enabled (Default)”. It’s set to “Disabled” for some reason.

Depending on graphics card setup, the game should now be displayed in 4:3 ratio, no longer stretched. At least, it worked on my monitor/desktop.

Time to get back to making stacks!

Thats a great idea for a setting.

The Warlords series was an instabuy for me. I purchased the boxed originals when they were new many years ago. I was relieved and quite pleased when Darklords III ran smoothly on my Windows 10 PC as it was finicky back in the days when I played it for hours at a time.

The last time I was as delighted with a GOG purchase as I am with this latest offering was when I bought the WarCraft and Diablo games. What’s next, Emperor of the Fading Suns?

Hush you tease.